Wisycom MTK952N-MS Dual Wideband Transmitter

The Wisycom MTK952 Dual Channel IEM Transmitter Mono or Stereo is a versatile dual channel transmitter capable of working in a huge UHF bandwidth and of generating any kind of narrow-band modulations, with very high quality and low spurious emissions.

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Wisycom MTK952N-MS Dual Wideband Transmitter


330 MHz Bandwidth

Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) of signal for the highest flexibility and quality

Stereo, mono, intercom audio modulation DSP audio processing (40bit floating point / 2Gflops) with multi-companding

Low interference output stage with wideband intermodulation phase cancellation 2400 user-defined frequencies (40 group by 60 freq.)

Analogue & digital input (AES3)

Output power up to 2 Watt (/2W0 option)

Redundant power supply 230/110 Vac & 12 VDC (DC option)

SWR (Stationary Wave Ratio) sensing on antenna outputs master/slave board for iso-frequency transmissions (MS option)

Wisycom MTK952N-MS Dual Wideband Transmitter


Switchable channels 2400 allocated by 40 groups of 60 channels quickly selectable with dedicated buttons 2 Frequency bandwidth 470-800 MHz R Switching bandwidth 330 MHz tuneable in 5 kHz steps Temperature range -10 ÷ +55 °C RF output power Selectable: 10,20,50,100,200 mW (ERP) for MTK952-0W2 Max RF output power MTK952N-0W2: 200mW MTK952N-2W0: 2Watt [NOTE] RF power can be limited on frequency base accordingly to specific country restrictions (software based) “TX1” / “TX2” antenna output with BNC type female connectors (for MTK952) with N type female connectors (for MTK952N) M M-S I/O 2xBNC type female connectors (only for MTK952N with MS option) RF impedance 50 Ω Spurious emissions < 2 nW (in the transmitter bandwidth) Modulation FM, MPX Stereo or mono, selectable with dedicated menu Peak deviation ±56 kHz for mono, ±48 kHz for stereo (preset mode) NOTE: custom setting can set peak deviation from 2kHz to 100kHz MPX Pilot tone 19kHz Tone squelch 32.789Hz (for Wisycom wireless microphone, i.e. ENR/ENC) 131,8 (for Wisycom intercom, i.e. NR) NOTE: custom setting can change the Tone squelch (30-260Hz and 18-38KHz) Frequency response 20÷20kHz (mono) 30÷15kHz (stereo) NOTE: custom setting can change audio bandwidth (3/4/12/15/20kHz)

Wisycom MTK952N-MS Dual Wideband Transmitter