Wisycom MAT288 RF Antenna Combiner

MAT 288 is a programmable diversity matrix combiner. This unique device combines RF coming from 8 areas (a couple of diversity feeds) on the fly thanks to a matrix of solid-state switches. It is designed to have the greatest reliability, with a redundant power supply (AC and DC). All operations can be remote with Ethernet.

Typical applications are a production center where a control room has to work with several STUDIOs also at the same time or a THEATRE that needs from time to time to combine the main stage, foyer, or lobby. Also, your ENG or OB-Van facility will benefit from this freedom to manage different RF areas. This flexibility along with the possibility to work in wideband allows also an easy deployment of your wireless audio infrastructure and also to optimizes your overall CAPEX (i.e. sharing resources like wireless microphones).

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Wisycom MAT288 RF Antenna Combiner


  • Diversity combiner 8:1 or 8:4 or 2 x 4:2 (sw configurable)
  • Wide bandwidth range
  • Redundant power supply, AC and DC powered
  • Remote management and monitoring of alarms thru Ethernet 10/100 base TX
  • Antenna booster supply toggled on each input independently
  • Voltage and current monitoring on each booster supply with alarm
  • Programmable attenuators on each input
  • Remote boost control (for gain/bandwidth) with a bidirectional data link thru coax (input BNCs)
  • Light window where the user can enter their own text to identify the 8 areas
Wisycom MAT288 RF Antenna Combiner


  • Dimensions 4

4 x 483 x 398 mm (HxWxD)

  • Weight

4,4 Kg

  • Finishing

Black Varnish

  • Power consumption

120W max

  • Frequency ranges

150 ÷ 840 MHz (MAT288)

Wisycom MAT288 RF Antenna Combiner