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We create thousands of hours of programming and original content for a wide range of clients. From full live remote production to internet streams, from design and graphics to fast turnaround highlights, we can work with you from the outset to generate ideas and create engaging content for multiple platforms. We’ll collaborate with you to create and bring ideas to life.


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I’ve been working closely with the Gravity Media team at the US Open for the last 6 years. They continue to impress me with their high level of technical expertise and outstanding engineering.
They are also flexible and willing to take on new challenges as technology and operational workflows evolve. In addition to their engineering skills, they are true partners in every sense and
we and the US Open would not be able to provide the high level of global coverage we do without their continued support and partnership.

Patti Fallick

Managing Director, Broadcast at USTA

It has been ITV’s pleasure to work with Gravity Media on various sporting events over the years. We have always found them to be diligent, innovative and delivery is always of the standard expected for an ITV broadcast.

Niall Sloane

Director of Sport, ITV Sport

We have worked with Gravity Media for more than 20 years on a variety of global projects. These have ranged from World Cups and other worldwide tournaments to co-productions and UK facilities. We uniquely trust Gravity Media to deliver end-to-end services without the need for on-site ITV sport technical supervision, which reflects our respect for their staff and facilities, and our appreciation of their production-lead approach to our programming.

Roger Pearce

Technical Director, ITV Sport

Designing and implementing a workflow which is capable of producing a daily broadcast from the jungle is a huge challenge we undertake every year. Gravity Media help us to achieve this with their knowledge, experience and can-do approach. There’s a reason why they’ve been here with us in the jungle for so long.

Helen Kruger

Bratt Production Executive Entertainment, ITV

You always feel safe with a company like Gravity Media, great kit, excellent support, serious experience. Nothing is too much hassle, exactly what you need from a supplier. They have always been there when I needed them, perfect service.

Dina Eaton

Music Editor

Thanks once again for Roland Garros 2020. It was a big ask and I hope you are all proud of the complex operation you put together. Massive and very much appreciated effort by Gravity Media.

Roger Pearce

Technical Director, ITV Sport

A big thanks to the Gravity Media team at The Production Centre in Chiswick for a very smooth and incident free 15 days on air. It must have been so much work to achieve all of this, especially with all of our COVID-19 regulations on top. I’m very proud of what we were able to put on air despite not being able to be in Paris, and you should be proud of everyone from your side too!

Stuart Smith

Executive Producer, ITV Sport

Gravity Media has worked with UEFA for many years and has consistently proposed innovation and new production services as part of their high quality of service. Fundamentally, they always produce top class programmes around both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League match nights – the absolute requirement for the greatest club football competitions in the world.

Phil Williams,

Senior Additional Programming Manager, UEFA

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