The Football Association (The FA)


What we did

The Football Association (FA) – the game’s governing body in England, formed in 1863 and the oldest football association in the world. Gravity Media – then branded Input Media – has been The FA’s production partner since 2008.

Our graphic design team supports The FA’s broadcast branding requirements for all international and support programming for The FA Cup. Additionally, we produce graphics for Wembley big screen content and web-based FA programming.

What we used

Our approach is a collaborative one. Working in partnership with The FA and within the structure of its brand guidelines, our graphics team review, refresh or redesign the sequences every year. The current titles capture the emotional journey from the early rounds all the way through to the Final, presented alongside the Emirates FA Cup branding.

The sequence has a linear structure that reflects the progression from grassroots to Premier League. Our aim was to encapsulate the passion and dreams of the lower league teams and fans from the 1st Round as they look to make their name in the competition, through to the 3rd Round where the minnows really have a chance to etch their name in FA Cup folklore.


The titles and on-screen graphics have now run for three seasons, and are updated each year with new footage. The graphics also feature in EA’s FIFA games across all platforms.

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