Australian Football League


What we did

Following the launch of a new state-of-the-art AFL Review Centre by the Australian Football League, Gravity Media were invited by systems integrator Jam TV to manage all video and audio broadcast equipment for viewing match plays, making accurate calls on scoring and communicating with match personnel from a single remote location.

What we used

A close-knit team developed the ARC’s broadcast system capacity for simultaneous review of up to three games. They can now manage up to 144 different feeds at any given time with live video captured in 1080p 50i and distributed via IP-based transport to the ARC where 10 Hawk-Eye workstations power instant replay.


ARC operators are now able to quickly scroll between different cameras and review gameplay footage from different angles in real-time. We also integrated the advanced referee communication system SportsCom, delivering a streamlined workflow for ARC’s team to review incoming video and audio feeds.

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