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What we did

In 2019, Gravity Media supplied a range of technical facilities for the FIBA Basketball World Cup. Working closely with FIBA Media, Gravity Media built three flypacks, including a UHD flypack for the finals in Beijing. As well as host commentary services for six of the eight venues, enabling rights owners to deliver bespoke broadcasts to their audiences – either on site at the arena or remotely using real-time audio-over-IP networking technology.

What we used

We supported the FIBA production team to elavate the look and feel of their coverage. We custom-built the UHD flypack to host augmented reality features for the finals. We set-up Sony cameras to offer high-performance display for the organisation’s new referee coverage. Plus we also provided EVS XT3+ servers, audio mixers and monitoring stations to cover the federation’s new broadcast Superfeed.


In what FIBA Media described as its biggest and most ambitious TV, digital, and social media production plan ever, the World Cup marked a momentous change in the coverag, presentation and multi-platform availability of the event. The 2019 production achieved a cumulative TV audience reach of over three billion, generating a further 1.5 billion video views across social media.

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