Premiership Rugby


What we did

Premiership Rugby is the prime English professional rugby union competition. The Premiership comprises the top 12 clubs in the country.

Premiership Rugby’s objective was to provide at every ground big screen content that engaged, educated and entertained at all times. Gravity Media was commissioned to help, thanks to the reputation of our big screen services.

As well as for the RFU at Twickenham, we produce content for screen presentations on match days at Wembley for The FA, The Emirates for Arsenal and at Stamford Bridge for Chelsea.

What we used

As part of this project and to help to realise their ambitions, Gravity Media has supported Premiership Rugby by developing an on-brand look and feel to the Big screen graphics at every Premiership match.

Our team of designers’ skills excel in creating eye catching graphics specifically for use on Big Screens so we designed a graphics package which can was delivered and integrated into each of the twelve clubs’ existing match day operation.


The three-year plan is underway and uses our experienced producers and operators to support the launch of this uniform big screen service for Premiership Rugby.

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