The Aeronauts

UK, Gravity House

Amazon Studios

What we did

To support post-production on The Aeronauts – Amazon Studios’ balloon-based adventure movie inspired by true events.

What we used

Gravity Media provided three location edit suites with shared storage and edit support, with the production team moving to Gravity House for finishing in our premium cutting rooms.


Set in 1862, The Aeronauts is loosely based on the story of a gas balloon adventure in which scientist James Glaisher (played by Eddie Redmayne) and pilot Henry Coxwell took to the skies to further knowledge of meteorology – and in doing so, set the record for the highest flight in history.

In the film, Coxwell’s role is fulfilled by Felicity Jones, whose character is a fictional daredevil balloon pilot, Amelia Wren. While breaking records and advancing scientific discovery, the pair face physical and emotional challenges in the rarefied air, as the ascent becomes a fight for survival. The film was released in November 2019, and is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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