Nocturnal Animals


Mark Harris / Halo Post / Focus Features

What we did

To supply a state-of-the-art multi-channel audio post-production solution, including installation and ongoing editorial support.

What we used

Gravity Media supplied the production with a full Avid Pro Tools suite – the best audio tool money can buy – which played an essential part in amplifying the film’s atmospherics, ensuring that everything from gunshots to pin drops were heard on-screen.


Nocturnal Animals is built on tension, and the sound design is most certainly the foundation. The film is littered with slow-boiling scenes accompanied by nuanced sound design that creeps up on you like a brooding serial killer, filling you with fear before the ultimate reveal that often leaves your heart in your mouth.

These moments reinforce the ongoing argument of how crucial sound design is to the quality of cinema – especially to the horror/thriller genre.

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