Flyaways & Outside Broadcast For Red Bull Air Races 2010


What we do

The Red Bull Air Race World Championships have brought a whole new dimension to the world of motorsport.

A breath-taking combination of speed and aerial agility featuring the world’s most skilful pilots, the race series is set against the backdrop of some of the world’s most spectacular cities, including New York, Lisbon, Abu Dhabi and Rio De Janiero.

Broadcast in High Definition, the Red Bull Air Race ranks highly among the most logistically complex of events to produce.

When it came to finding a broadcast specialist able to successfully facilitate bringing such a spectacular and fast-moving visual experience to fans worldwide, SIVision – production company of the event – turned to Gravity Media – then branded Gearhouse Broadcast – for provision of innovative outside broadcast solutions.

What we used

Flyaways – essentially portable production units which contain everything you need to create a broadcast on location and outside – were vital to this project. They’re highly adaptable, which is necessary when capturing race planes reaching speeds of 230mph whilst negotiating a series of air gates just 10 to 13 metres wide.

The flyaways built by Gravity Media for the 2010 championships consisted of audio, video routing, 12 cameras, a large router and large sound system. This was all backed up by a crew of technicians and engineers, a 24/7 technical support service and full operational logistics management across the series’ eight (later reduced to six) venues around the globe.


Gravity Media has a proven track record delivering logistically complex broadcast solutions and The Red Bull Air Race Championships were no exception.

When devising solutions for this project, Gravity Media specialists were able to rely on both a broad and vast combined experience, as well as their access to the very latest in technologies offered by manufacturers.

The tailored solutions provided by Gravity Media meant SIVision was able to capture every daring move made by the world’s most exceptional pilots, producing consistently high-quality content beamed to millions from multiple locations worldwide.

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