Soundfield DSF-2 Surround Microphone System

The DSF-2 Broadcast Microphone System has been specifically developed to simultaneously provide both the surround and stereo soundscape at large scale outside broadcast events such as football stadiums and concert hall venues. Its advantage over alternative methods is that the multi-channel audio it generates from a ‘single point’ source is completely phase coherent. This enables the broadcaster to collapse the surround to stereo or mono for TV and radio feeds without loss of information, frequency imbalance or any of the other phase problems associated with spaced microphones or multi capsule ‘dummy head’ arrangements.

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Soundfield DSF-2 Surround Microphone System


The DSF-2 system offers the user accurate control over the apparent orientation, angle and pickup pattern of the microphone without the need to physically move the mic. Similarly, the apparent stereo width of the output audio is also adjustable. The DSF-2 processor also offers a user-adjustable gain control, a fixed-threshold recording limiter, on-board four-channel LED metering, a built-in high-pass filter and a headphone jack for monitoring purposes.

  • Mic gain control
  • Analogue Limiter to catch crowd ‘peaks’ without harsh digital clipping
  • 26 segment LED metering of B-Format, or stereo and M/S
  • Stereo Controls: variable polar pattern, stereo width and Hi-pass filter
  • Headphone jack for monitoring
  • Capable of driving a mic cable of up to 250m in length
  • Connection to coaxial cables of up to 1km long (digital o/p)


Soundfield DSF-2 Surround Microphone System


  • Dimensions – Control Unit – Case Size: 482mm (w) x 44mm (h) x 259mm (d)
  • Dimensions- Microphone Size – 69mm (width at widest point) x 240mm (length without connector)
  • Weight: 500g
  • Frequency Response:

20H to20KHz, +/-3dB

  • Capsule Sensitivity:
  • Signal to Noise Ratio DIN/IEC:


  • Equivalent Noise DIN/IEC:


  • Maximum SPL:



Soundfield DSF-2 Surround Microphone System