Sachtler 2075 S1 System

The key to Sachtler’s successful fluid heads is their step switching. Now Sachtler’s innovative SPEEDBALANCE technology enables even faster and finer counterbalance of your camera system. By reducing the minimum payload, the heads’ overall payload range is increased. The Video 18 SB and Video 20 SB feature exchangeable pan bar rosettes and an optional Adapter Viewfinder Extension, allowing them to be retrofitted for film-like shooting together with lightweight HD camcorders and cine accessories.

The Speed Lock CF is the fastest two stage tripod in the world! Simply release the three easy to reach clamps and the Speed Lock CF is ready for action. This extremely sturdy and twist-resistant carbon fibre tripod ensures that you’re already shooting while the others are still setting up.

It takes just three quick movements and the Speed Lock CF is ready for action – and users don’t even have to bend over! The patented clamping system lets you adjust the tripod smoothly and safely, even with a camera mounted. The Speed Lock CF’s carbon fibre construction ensures minimal load-free weight, and increases stability and twist resistance. On top of that, the clamping connection forms a third tube to further increase stability. The ergonomically shaped, high-tech clamps have a rounded design which ensures that cables slide off without catching. In addition, you can tell at a glance whether the legs are clamped into position. The Speed Lock CF weighs less than 3 kg / 6.6 lb, only a couple of hundred grams more than the ENG 2 CF, highly favored by camera crews all over the world. And if you need strength, the HD model has an amazing clamping force of 95 kg / 209 lb. These tripods are, of course, compatible with all existing 100 mm accessories.

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Sachtler 2075 S1 System


  • Max payload: 25 Kg / 55 lb
  • 16 step counter balance
  • 7 horizontal and 7 vertical grades of drag
  • Tilt range: +70 / -90°
  • Touch and go plate 16
  • For tripods with 100mm bowls, integrated flat base fitting
Sachtler 2075 S1 System


Fluid head: VIDEO 20 S1


Spreader: Mid-level spreader

Weight: 10,3 kg

Payload: 2 – 28 kg

Height range: 73 – 174 cm

Head fitting: 100 mm

Transport length: 94 cm

Sachtler 2075 S1 System