Gravity Media’s Refcam

Designed to deliver footage from a unique vantage point, Gravity Media’s Refcam optimises play by capturing every interaction and providing viewers with an immersive and riveting experience. Worn by officials in various sports, including football, rugby, hockey and more, Refcam make matches safer, fairer and even more exciting for spectators.

Used across all continents, Gravity Media’s Refcam is a speciality camera developed by our prestigious Globecam unit. Featuring advanced technology for superior visual and audio outputs, as well as innovative design to ensure wearer comfort, this speciality camera can be used for referee point-of-view broadcasting all over the world. 

How to Wear the Refcam

Gravity Media’s Refcam can be worn in a variety of ways, so it’s easy for officials to customise their gear and deliver the best footage. To capture film and audio while officiating at a match or game, wear the RefCam in one of three ways:

1. Headset with Mechanical Stabilisation

Avoid unwanted camera movement with integrated mechanical stabilisation as you wear the RefCam affixed to headgear, such as a cap or helmet, with an umbilical cable connecting the camera to a body-worn military-spec patch antenna on a transmission vest. 

2. Headset without Mechanical Stabilisation

Allow viewers to immerse themselves in the experience and broadcast the game exactly as the officials see it by wearing the RefCam headset without mechanical stabilisation. Weighing 125g, the headset is lightweight and easy to wear, while the fitted chest vest facilitates live transmission. 

3.  Chest Vest

Wear the chest-mounted RefCam with a fitted vest for optimal comfort. If the headgear isn’t essential or it obstructs the referee’s view, a chest-mounted speciality camera is the ideal way to capture footage from their POV without impacting an official’s performance. 



Today’s audience expects super high-quality visuals, especially when they’re watching a big match or an important sporting event. Fortunately, Gravity Media’s Ref Cam doesn’t disappoint!

Capturing footage in HD 1080i50/59 with HD-SDI output, our RefCam ensures optimal image quality at all times. With in-built image stabilisation and ultra-low latency, viewers benefit from the image clarity and live action for an unforgettable spectator experience. 

Audio Features

One of the benefits of broadcasting from Gravity Media’s Ref Cam is that viewers get to see and hear the action directly from the pitch, court or rink. From player interactions and referee rulings, viewers can experience the event in real time with Ref Cam’s 1.99 to 2.5GHz frequency range and 8MHz bandwidth.

Battery Life

The Ref Cam might be compact in size but don’t let this fool you – it offers more than two hours of battery life, so officials can capture the game or match from start to finish. If the rain stops playing or officials transition from one event to another, hot-swappable battery packs ensure fresh batteries can be added to the unit without the need to power down. 

Lightweight and Convenient

Weighing less than 1.1kg fully rigged, Gravity Media’s Ref Cam is convenient and comfortable to wear, even for extended periods. Referees and umpires can travel vast distances while officiating, so it’s essential that wearable cameras are lightweight and secure. Whether worn with headgear or a chest vest, Ref Cam allows officials to move freely while capturing live sporting action. 

Take Sport to the Next Level with Gravity Media’s RefCam

Our advanced technology empowers sports broadcasters to film from a variety of new perspectives and gives viewers the opportunity to experience the action in numerous different ways. Allowing at-home and on-the-go spectators to view real-time footage directly from an umpire’s perspective, RefCam elevates the game and takes the sport to another level.

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  • Fitted into referee’s vest
  • 1.99 to 2.5GHz frequency range, 8MHz bandwidth
  • DVB-T COFDM/UMVL modulation
  • Low latency, end-to-end approx55ms
  • AVC HD/SD encoder
  • Output power 100mW
  • Body-worn military-spec patch antennae
  • Hot-swappable redundant battery packs
  • More than 2hrs battery life
  • Less than 1.1kg fully-rigged
  • RF absorption testing: The system has been tested in accordance with EN62311:2008, EN62209-1:2006 & EN62209-2:2010. The system complies with the EN62311 requirements for human exposure to radio frequencies for generalpublic / unaware-user RF exposure limits


  • HD 1080i/50
  • HD-SDI output
  • Image stabilization
  • Mounting options: Headset with mechanical stabilization, Headset without mechanical stabilization, Chest-mount(fitted to vest)
  • Full remote camera control for colour, exposure, etc
  • Light-weight headset, only 125g
  • Umbilical from headset to transmission vest