Motor Racingcam

Gravity Media’s Motor Racingcam

Designed for blistering speeds, multiple laps and the biggest sporting events, Gravity Media’s Motor Racingcam takes viewers onto the track for a unique spectator experience. Mounted both in and on the cars, our Motor Racingcam provides seamless live-action footage from the most coveted events on the racing calendar.

Our onboard camera system incorporates the mounting of one or more cameras on and in racing vehicles to deliver real-time action live from the track. In addition to professionally mounted and controlled cameras, we ensure all associated equipment, such as transmitter packs, video switching and microphones, are installed and fully integrated.

We provide all frequencies and/or licences and hardware for in-car wireless bandwidth, procuring the same at no additional cost, as and when possible, in concert with the outside broadcast (OB) suppliers. Simplifying and streamlining the process of capturing and broadcasting superior footage, our speciality Motor Racingcam and experienced team ensure viewers enjoy each race from a unique vantage point. 

How Motor Racingcam Works

Operating on the basis of at least two cameras per vehicle, the Gravity Media Motor Racing Cam system can provide a driver shot,  a forward inside shot and many more – all hot switchable to deliver the most engaging and exciting audio and visuals in real-time. 

Alternatively, choose from a wider range of shots when you opt for four hot switchable cameras per vehicle and a driver shot, forward shot, rear shot and speciality shot, such as the view from the roof of the vehicle. 

All cameras in our Motor Racingcam system are CCU capable to facilitate seamless remote management and are technically balanced to match and complement main OB visuals. Additionally, you can synchronously switch between cameras within the car without any interference, delay or disruption to broadcast the best shots at every point in the race.

Globecam Synchronisation

Designed to deliver optimal performance, visuals and audio, our Motor Racingcam system is professionally controlled from the Globecam (mobile trailer) control centre within the outside broadcast (OB) compound. 

Specific in-car cameras have the ability to pan & tilt and/or zoom via remote control and our experienced engineers will adjust the camera position from the advanced Globecam control centre so that you can broadcast the best shots in real-time. 

Video Quality

Motor RacingCam

Gravity Media’s Motor Racingcam captures HD 1080i/50/59 footage, so viewers can enjoy superior quality in-car and on-car visuals. Whether viewers are watching online, on large-screen TVs or on smartphones and tablets, our first-rate visuals will impress and delight.

We offer enhanced transmission functionality to ensure broadcasters can deliver live-action footage when it matters most, including 1080i/50/50, two audio channels, telemetry, remote control operation and standby, and remote control of frequency and RF level. 

Broadcast In-Car Footage Live with Motor Racingcam

As fans flock to the screens to watch qualifiers, races and celebrations, broadcasters can elevate the viewing experience with immersive, live-action in-car and on-car footage from the grid to the finish line via Gravity Media’s innovative Motor Racingcam system.

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Motor Racingcam


Motor Racingcam


  • Provide all Frequencies/licences and hardware for In-car wireless bandwidth, procuring same at no additional cost as and when possible in concert with SCA and its OB supplier;
  • Minimum of 2 Cameras (hot switchable) in All Championship cars (Minimum 24 cars) including Wildcards as required – Driver Shot/Forward inside shot;
  • 10 vehicles with 4 Cameras (hot switchable) – Drive Shot/Forward Shot/Rear Shot/Specialty Shot (ie roof or other as agreed)
  • Ability to access ALL Cars LIVE for use in Main OB (24+ Paths – 1 camera per path) with a minimum of 10 Paths to the Main OB always
  • All cameras CCU capable and technically balanced to match OB pictures
  • Specific in-car cameras with ability to pan & tilt and/or zoom via remote control from Globecam (mobile trailer) control centre in OB compound
  • Cameras required to be able to synchronously switch between cameras within the car without any interference, sync roll or black
  • Delivery in 1080P and should the Main Broadcast shift to 4K at any stage in the term of the contract the In-car provider will handle all upscaling on site for on pass to the OB
  • Ensure all connectivity between In-car provider’s feeds, data requirements and comms are successfully incorporated into the OB planning and deployment; noting OB supplier will be responsible for acquisition of, transportation of, deployment and de rigging of the fibre ring as required by the In-car provider, including to receive points specified by the In-car provider


Transmitter specs

  • 1080 50P
  • 2 Audio channels
  • Telemetry
  • Standby/ operate remote control
  • Frequency/ RF level remote control
Motor Racingcam