Gravity Media’s Jockeycam

Take viewers onto the racecourse and into the saddle with our innovative Live Jockeycam. Designed by our leading Globecam unit, this speciality camera allows broadcasters to capture and screen footage from a whole new perspective.

A high-definition digital miniature live broadcast device, Jockeycam transmits real-time footage directly from the jockey’s helmet. Allowing viewers to experience the race from the jockey’s perspective, Jockey Cam is revolutionising how spectators experience each race.

First used live in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast in 2016, Jockey Cam has quickly become a leading wearable cam that’s regularly used by the biggest broadcasters around the world. If you want to screen high-quality footage right from the racetrack, Jockey Cam provides all the functionality you need.

Image Stabilisation

Regularly reaching speeds of up to 40 – 44mph, horse racing has traditionally been filmed from a distance using aerial and vehicle-mounted cameras. However, Jockeycam now allows viewers to get up close to the action without any loss of visual quality. 

With integrated image stabilisation and 1080i50/59 HD video output, Jockeycam delivers picture-perfect quality at all speeds. Ultra-low latency of approx. 55ms end-to-end keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they cheer their horse towards the finish line, with no blurred images or buffering.

Stereo Audio and Frequency Range

Professional horse racing might be an elite sport, but Jockeycam enables viewers to experience the race exactly as the athletes do. Inspire viewers with the sound of hooves thundering along the course and hear jockeys urging their horses onwards in real-time with embedded stereo audio and a 2.0 to 2.5GHz frequency range with 8MHz bandwidth.

Swappable Battery

An approx. battery run time of 30 minutes means Jockeycam has got enough juice to capture entire races, including the build-up and celebrations in the parade ring, but it doesn’t stop there. A hot-swappable battery pack ensures batteries can be replaced within a matter of seconds, without having to power down the camera. 

Whether you are filming the finale of a day’s racing or you want to broadcast the entire meet, Jockeycam’s extended battery run time and hot-swap batteries ensure you can showcase every second of the action.

Enhanced Durability

Whether you are filming in the paddock, in the stalls, or as you’re crossing the finishing line, you can rely on Gravity Media’s Jockeycam to capture every second, regardless of the weather or conditions! 

The speciality camera unit is rainproof, as well as mud and dirt resistant, so you can keep shooting over jumps, across the straight or even throughout cross-country endurance races. A swappable lens makes it easy to ensure you’ll always capture the perfect shot, no matter how long you are filming.

Innovative Design


Incorporating miniature, wearable cams into sporting events requires expert design and product development. As well as being comfortable when worn, it can be affixed to a variety of helmets without impacting their functionality. In fact, Jockeycam won’t compromise the integrity of the helmet in any way, so jockeys will still benefit from enhanced safety protection when riding. 

Our unique mounting system allows Jockeycam to be securely affixed to any helmet, without the need for modifications or adjustments. With an overall weight of just 220g (including camera and battery), Gravity Media’s speciality Jockeycam is lightweight, durable and designed for speed. 

Capture the Action with Jockeycam

Bring viewers along for the ride and let them experience horse racing, dressage or eventing as never before. From standout global events to weekly racing, Jockey Cam heralds a new era of sports broadcasting.

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  • Full HD-SDI 1080i/50 outpuT
  • Image stabilised
  • Stereo audio (embedded)
  • 2.0 to 2.5GHz frequency range, 8MHz bandwidth
  • Low latency, end-to-end approx. 55ms
  • Output power 100mW
  • Hot swappable battery pack
  • Approx battery run time: 30 mins
  • Rain resistant
  • Mud and dirt resistant with swappable lens
  • Overall weight camera and battery: 220grams
  • The mounting system is designed to securely fasten to the helmet, to avoid accidental detachment, without modification or compromise to the integrity of the helmet