Wireless (RF) Cameras

Gravity Media’s Wireless (RF) Cameras

Delivering bespoke remote solutions, Gravity Media’s Wireless (RF) Cameras make it easy for broadcasters, production companies and live-event organisers to capture and transmit high-quality footage to a global audience from any location. 

Whether you’re filming a major indoor sporting event or a live outdoor music festival, our Wireless (RF) Cameras provide all the functionality you need to deliver an immersive experience to at-home or on-the-go viewers.

Our wireless RF camera systems typically comprise four separate sub-systems: transmitter, receiver, camera control and RF over Fibre. Our experienced engineers will assist you in selecting equipment that’s designed to meet your needs and deliver the best performance. 

Combined with Gravity Media’s comprehensive range of speciality cameras ensures your Wireless (RF) Camera system can capture a wide range of footage from stunning locations. 

Want to film live sports action from on the pitch or court? No problem! Need to capture aerial footage of live-action racing? We can do it! From live helicopter transmissions to motorcycle and tower transmissions, our leading Wireless (RF) Cameras allow you to capture the best footage from the best locations.


Combining decades of experience with professional expertise and advanced technology, we ensure optimal control of video capture and transmission to facilitate even the most demanding productions. From just a single-camera system with a single-camera remote control panel to large multi-camera deployments with many remote control panels, we have the equipment available to handle these scenarios. 

How It Works

Gravity Media’s Wireless (RF) Camera systems are based on four central pieces of equipment:


We have the latest-generation transmitters from a number of leading manufacturers offering resolutions up to 4k / UHD and compatibility with High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats. The latest “HEVC” video encoding provides exceptional picture quality while consuming only a modest amount of the Radio Frequency spectrum. Flexible signal hand-off arrangements are available supporting Quad 3G SDI, HD/3/6/12G SDI, HDMI, Fibre Optic, and IP SMPTE 2022-6 / SMPTE 2110 interfaces.


Latest-generation receivers offer automatic and seamless diversity switching between a number of receive antennas, intuitive user interfaces and end-to-end latency as low as a single frame.

Camera Control

We offer Wireless (RF) Camera control systems from FocalPoint, VideoSys and Cyanview enabling wireless RF cameras to be reliably racked from remote locations. Remote control of lens functions and motorised Pan / Tilt heads is also possible for wireless, unmanned camera positions. We usually use licensable UHF frequencies for camera control since this pretty much guarantees a reliable, interference-free operation. However, we can also offer WiFi and Cell-phone-based camera control solutions.

RF over Fibre

RF over Fibre (or RFoF) combines radio frequency with fibre optics to deliver a wireless camera system that can operate over a wide geographic area for larger venues. Facilitating greater distances between a transmitter and receiver and reducing the need for amplification, RF over Fibre elevates the capabilities of a Wireless RF Camera system and enhances the flexibility of the system.  

Custom Wireless RF Camera Systems

Wireless RF Camera systems provide ultimate performance for live broadcasts, particularly when filming in remote locations or at fast-paced events. With bespoke solutions, Gravity Media’s Wireless RF Camera systems transform challenging projects into seamless video productions.

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Wireless (RF) Cameras


  • Allows control of up to six cameras by multiplexing six control panels over single RF link
  • Supports one-way or return data communication to camera
  • Three CRIU units can be linked together to allow control of 18 cameras using one RF head
  • 2” Colour LCD display with intuitive menu for easy configuration
  • Front panel LED shows data activity / system health diagnostic information
  • Compact UHF telemetry transmitter unit with copper and fibre connectivity
  • Unit configurable via the front panel or by a web browser
Wireless (RF) Cameras


Vislink RF Equipment

  • HEVC 4K UHD Camera Transmitter
  • HEVC/UHD Very Low Latency Encoder
  • Interchangeable, futureproof dual SFP modules supporting Quad 3/6/12G SDI/HDMI/Fiber Optic/SMPTE 2022-6 HD-SDI over IP interfaces
  • Integrated Camera Control with FocalPoint Compatibility
  • Direct-docking V-Lock & Anton Bauer battery plates with integral power feed through
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth control via dedicated Android & iOS Application
  • ETSI compliant to proposed EN302-064 V2.1.1 regulations


The Ultrareceiver LD (ULRX-LD) is a 1RU half-width, rack mount chassis receiver 

  • Direct conversion RF architecture for exceptional adjacent channel performance and excellent sensitivity
  • DVB-T: QPSK, 16QAM & 64QAM; 6, 7, & 8MHz
  • LMS-T: QPSK & 16QAM
  • Variable bandwidth LMS-T: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 & 24 MHz
  • HEVC (H.265) 4:2:2 profile, low latency HD decoding
  • MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) 4:2:2 profile HD decoding
  • Low bit rate MPEG-1 Layer II and AAC audio decode
  • ASI input and output
  • Web browser and SNMP control
  • Quad SDI / HD-SDI outputs for UHD


Focal point

The FocalPoint is Vislink’s latest wireless camera control system providing comprehensive control functions for today’s broadcast needs. The system can control multiple camera and operator control panel combinations, with future-proof Ethernet control.

Wireless (RF) Cameras