Gravity Media’s HelmetCam

Capture footage from a whole new perspective with Gravity Media’s famous HelmetCam. Designed to deliver optimal performance in fast-moving environments, our helmet cam allows you to film on the go without missing a thing.

Give viewers a taste of the action with footage from a player’s point of view (POV) and broadcast from a new vantage point with our speciality helmet cam. Compact in size but massive in power, Gravity Media’s HelmetCam combines advanced functionality and performance with superior portability and wireless connectivity for optimal broadcasting.

Developed by our world-renowned Globecam unit, our HelmetCam is a speciality camera that allows you to deliver an immersive experience to viewers worldwide. Capture the action like never before with our miniature helmet-mounted camera and take viewers to the pitch, ground or court with Gravity Media’s HelmetCam.

Perfect for sporting events and high-octane activities, our unique helmet cam is certified for use with MasuriOriginal Series II, MasuriVision Series and ShreyMaster Class helmets and meets compliance standard BS7928:2013.

Fully contained on a cricket helmet, you can use Gravity Media’s enhanced HelmetCam to capture high-quality footage in a whole new way. With hands-free functionality, you can ensure viewers never miss a second of the match with our wireless helmet camera. 

Designed for the pitch, HelmetCam takes viewers closer to the game they love and lets them follow every twist and turn of the match from an entirely new perspective. 

Image Quality and Stabilisation

Capturing footage of fast-moving events, like sports matches, can result in blurry images, but you won’t have to worry with Gravity Media’s helmet camera. In-built image stabilisation ensures picture-perfect footage, no matter how fast the action gets!

Featuring full HD 1080i/50 resolution, our helmet cam delivers an interlaced scan display at a whopping rate of 50 frames per second. With ultra-low latency of approx. 55ms end-to-end, you can capture the action in real-time and broadcast it to viewers live without delays or disruptions. 

The result? Enhanced video capture, seamless playback and professional-grade footage that never fails to impress. 

Lightweight and Battery Life


Weighing in at just 230g including the battery, Gravity Media’s HelmetCam is lightweight and comfortable. Its unique design ensures our HelmetCam can be easily integrated into compatible helmets without feeling cumbersome. In fact, the lightweight design of our helmet cam takes wearable cameras to a new level to provide a unique broadcasting experience. 

What’s more, you’ll be able to capture all the footage you need with our impressive 45-minute battery life. Whether you’re filming the highlights or switching cameras to record an entire game or match, the extended battery life offered by our innovative helmet cam provides the flexibility and functionality you need. 

Audio Frequency Range

Complement impeccable visuals with enhanced audio when you film via our miniature, wearable helmet cam. Operating with a 2.2 to 2.3GHz frequency range for optimal performance, viewers will benefit from revolutionary sound quality regardless of whether they’re streaming online, watching with surround sound or following the action with earbuds. 

Capture Cutting-Edge Footage with HelmetCam

The innovative and forward-thinking design of our HelmetCam, combined with its enhanced functionality, gives video producers, broadcasters, and networks the opportunity to elevate their coverage and reward viewers with exciting new angles and outlooks. 

Positioned within the peak of a helmet, rather than on top, our miniature camera is situated close to the wearer’s eyes to mimic the experience of being on the field or in the crowd. This unique perspective takes viewers closer to the action than ever before and provides an immersive and unforgettable experience, wherever you’re watching from.

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  • Wireless camera fully-contained on cricket helmet
  • Full HD 1080i/50 resolution
  • HD-SDI output from receiver
  • Image stabilization
  • Light-weight at only 230g in total, inc.battery
  • 2.2 to 2.3GHz frequency range
  • 8MHz bandwidth, DVB-T COFDM
  • Low latency, end-to-end approx. 55ms
    Output power 50Mw
  • Approx. 45 minutes battery life
  • Compliance standards tested BS7928:2013 “Specification for Head Protectors for Cricketers”
  • Certified for use on MasuriOriginal Series II, MasuriVision Series and ShreyMaster Class helmets