Canon UJ86X9.3B Digisuper 4K Lens

This lens has 4K imaging at 86x zoom and a focal length of 9.3-1600mm using the built-in 2x extender. Its depth of field management throughout its extensive focal range makes it an essential lens for live 4K sports production, concerts and other live events.

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Canon UJ86X9.3B Digisuper 4K Lens


  • Outstandingly high resolution 2/3” 4k field lens with 86 x zoom and 9.3-800mm focal length (up to 1600mm with 2 x built in extender)
  • Class-leading beyond-4k performance right to the edge of the image and throughout the zoo range for unmatched quality
  • High contrast and high resolution in all wavelength regions and the B, G and R channels in the 4k and beyond 4k frequency bands
  • Similar size and weight to HD field lenses for seamless integration with existing HDTV technical setups and shooting environments
  • Beyond 4k resolution even with image stabilisation applied
  • Full support for virtual systems thanks to the built in 16-bit encoder
  • Fully compatible with existing HD field lens accessories
Canon UJ86X9.3B Digisuper 4K Lens


Zoom Ratio


Built-in Extender


Range of Focal Length


(with Extender)


Maximum Relative Aperture

1:1.7 at 9.3-340mm
1:4.0 at 800mm

(with Extender)

1:3.4 at 18.6-680mm
1:8.0 at 1600mm

Angular Field of View

16:9 Aspect Ratio (9.6 x 5.4mm):
54.6° × 32.4°at 9.3mm
0.69° × 0.39°at 800mm

(with Extender)

28.9°× 16.5°at 18.6mm
0.34°× 0.19°at 1600mm

M.O.D. from Lens Front


Object Dimensions at M.O.D.

16:9 Aspect Ratio (9.6 x 5.4mm):
271.9 × 152.9cm at 9.3mm
3.3 × 1.9cm at 800mm

(with Extender)

136.0 × 76.5cm at 18.6mm
1.7 × 1.0cm at 1600mm

Approx. Size (WxHxL)

250.6 × 255.5 × 637.4mm

Approx. Mass


Protection Filter

Built-in optical Image Stablilizer

Canon UJ86X9.3B Digisuper 4K Lens