Canon CJ45EX9.7B 4K Lens

Compatible with 2/3-inch type cameras and boasting a high 45x zoom magnification, this 4K EFP zoom lens provides a super telephoto zoom range of 9.7mm to 437mm (up to 873mm with an extender). It has a wide focus rotation angle of 180 degrees, improving focus operation even at long focal lengths. The use of special proprietary glass in the optics and the employment of a multi-group movable lens system enables the lens to deliver high definition 4K resolution over the entire zoom range, resulting in images with rich gradations and minimal ghosting and flaring-excellent for HDR production. The improved drive unit, which features a faster actuation mechanism, incorporates a 16-bit encoder that can export highly-precise zoom and focus positioning data, supporting the production of virtual footage.

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Canon CJ45EX9.7B 4K Lens


A 45x zoom lens with superb gradation expression excellent for HDR production

Boasting a lightweight body of approximately 5.6kg, the lens is capable of realizing 4K-quality images with a powerful, 45x zoom ratio starting from focal length 9.7mm (wide-angle end). The lens is designed to provide high-quality image resolution from the center of the image to the peripheries, and also utilizes a multi-group movable lens system that controls zoom fluctuations over the entire zoom range, resulting in high-definition images with excellent contrast. The lens design incorporates Hi-UD and fluorite glass in an optimal arrangement, effectively minimizing both axial and transverse chromatic aberration. The resulting images have rich gradations with reduced color bleeding and low-luminance flaring, providing footage that is excellent for HDR production.

Full-featured drive unit with on-board information display

Precise focusing and fast, stable zoom speed is possible over the entire focal length range with the on-board information display of the full-featured digital drive unit. Enhanced Servo performance results in zoom and iris speeds that are up to 25% faster than the predecessor lens. The 16-bit output absolute value recorder eliminates the need for initialization, enabling aberration correction and lens positioning detection from the moment the camera is powered on. The highly precise 16-bit zoom and focus positioning data supports precise footage production, particularly in the production of virtual footage. Three standard 20-pin connectors ensure that users can access the virtual terminal even in full servo set-up. The lens supports the camera’s aberration correction function through serial connection, and effectively corrects transverse chromatic aberration when attached to a compatible camera.

New IS control engine and IS system

The lens uses a new IS control engine and IS system, which feature enhanced vibration control over a wider range of vibration frequencies from low to high, supporting the production of high-definition, 4K-quality footage. In addition to the existing ability to stabilize low frequency vibration such as that which occurs during tripod and hand-held shooting, high-frequency vibration, which occurs in vehicle-mounted shooting, is also well under control, and performance enhanced even for outdoor filming such as for relay broadcasting of sporting events. The Vertical and Horizontal IS features can also now be configured using the drive unit’s on-board information display panel, with three available mode settings: ‘STD’ for panning operation, ‘HIGH’ for vibration control over a low to high frequency range, and ‘OFF’ to turn off the IS function. The motorized mechanical lock release allows the release of the lock even in settings where accessing the lock release is difficult, such as when mounted on a tripod, and also can be configured using the information display.

Canon CJ45EX9.7B 4K Lens


Built-in extender 1.0× 2.0×
Focal Length 9.7 – 437mm 19.4 – 874mm
Zoom Ratio 45x
Maximum Relative
1:2.0 at 9.7 – 224mm
1:3.9 at 437mm
1:4.0 at 19.4 – 448mm
1:7.8 at 874mm
Angular Field of View 52.7° × 31.1° at 9.7mm
1.26° × 0.71° at 437mm
27.8° × 15.8° at 19.4mm
0.63° × 0.35° at 874mm
M.O.D 2.8m (10mm with macro)
Object Dimensions
at M.O.D.
254.3 × 143.0cm at 9.7mm
5.8 × 3.3cm at 437mm
127.2 × 71.5cm at 19.4mm
2.9 × 1.7cm at 874mm
Approx. Size
173.2 ×147.5 × 337.0mm
Approx. Mass 5.60kg
Canon CJ45EX9.7B 4K Lens