Avid Symphony Nitris DX on PC Non-linear Editor

Real-time Editing, Finishing, and Mastering you can count on running on an HP Z800 PC platform.

When you run an online session, time isn’t just money, it’s big money.  In a client supervised session, it’s the time to focus on quality, efficiency, and productivity.

The Symphony Nitris DX system integrates the Symphony finishing toolset with Avid Nitris DX hardware for the real-time horsepower you need for high-throughput, high quality HD and SD finishing.

All with a remarkable palette of creative tools.

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Avid Symphony Nitris DX on PC Non-linear Editor


Avid Symphony editing and finishing toolset
  • High performance host based effects pipeline integrated with Avid Nitris DX hardware over PCI Express
  • Total Conform of Avid offline projects
  • Universal Mastering of 23.976p, 24p and 25p projects
  • Multi-format open timeline with native, direct access to
  • XDCAM HD, XDCAM-EX, DVCPRO HD, AVC-I, and support for HDV, Avid DNxHD and uncompressed 10-bit HD
  • Capture and edit Avid DNxHD mastering quality HD at SD bandwidths
  • Capture and edit Avid DNxHD 36 for offline HD workflows
  • Create offline media files from DI sources (R3D, DPX) using MetaFuze
  • High performance rendering with multi-core CPU processing
  • Stereoscopic editing support
  • Comprehensive editorial toolset with advanced trimming
  • Script-based editing with ScriptSync
  • FluidMotion™ time based effects
  • Turnkey solution with software, CPU and full SD & HD I/O hardware-based Avid DNxHD encode and decode
  • Advanced primary and secondary color correction in 8 and 10 bits
  • Fluid Stabilizer camera motion tracking
  • SpectraMatte™ keying
  • Network based media management
  • Shared projects and bins
  • Portable user settings
  • Avid Unity shared storage support
  • Avid Interplay ® integration
Avid Symphony Nitris DX on PC Non-linear Editor


Avid Symphony Nitris DX on PC Non-linear Editor