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A unified experience for fast, collaborative media production

Access media and work on projects from practically any device, everywhere, using MediaCentral | UX, a cloud-based, web front end to the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Whether you connect from a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device, you get a unified experience (UX) to work whenever, wherever, and with whatever you want.

Create and deliver better stories faster – With the story-centric workflow, you gain the efficiency your teams need to create and deliver a wider range of multimedia-rich content to a wider audience across multiple television, web, mobile, and social media channels. This new integrated workflow puts the story at the center of all planning and delivery, making it easier to create, collaborate, manage, and deliver a wider range of content faster. All by using a single interface—MediaCentral | UX.

Streamline reality TV production – MediaCentral | UX provides the capabilities necessary to deal with the hundreds to thousands of hours of footage shot in a typical reality show season. Producers, assistants, and loggers can contribute to the creative process without having to be in the facility to do it. Through the browser interface, contributors supporting the editorial staff can access all media to be more involved in the post-production process and deliver under tight deadlines.

Create exciting sports content – With MediaCentral | UX, sports producers and editors can find the perfect footage to inspire and excite fans. Loggers can work remotely to quickly break down plays as they happen, easily describing key activities and information using Interplay’s Frame Chase capabilities. This metadata can be used to find the right media for the play or player when needed. Team members can pull together highlights of games, player profiles, and fan events that can be retrieved from archive or nearline storage later in the season. Through integrated playout options, material can be pushed to in-stadium playout servers easily.

Extend newsroom capabilities everywhere – MediaCentral | UX extends newsroom capabilities to connect journalists and contributors wherever they are with story-centric workflow tools and mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Create stories once and publish everywhere, including to social media, web, and online video platforms through direct integration with Media | Distribute. MediaCentral | UX also extends multi-newsroom capabilities by providing direct access to every station group or network iNEWS system. Using the included Media | Index search tool, any connected user can find and access media on any connected system, regardless of its physical location. And when used with Interplay | Production, you can send material to playback, as well as transfer media to remote sites.



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Avid MediaCentral|UX


Archive and restore media with One Archive

In answer to the #1 request from the Avid Customer Association (ACA), you can now use MediaCentral | UX with Interplay | MAM to support archive and restore workflows for Interplay | Production MXF OP1a media assets—across multiple systems—within one multizone environment. This gives you even more options for leveraging your media, whether stored on hard disks, network attached storage, and/or HSM (hierarchical storage management) solutions, such as DIVA, FlashNet, StorNext, and BlackPearl, which now supports partial file restore.

Unify teams with the story-centric workflow

Today’s audiences have an insatiable appetite for consuming all angles of a story. Not just on TV, but on websites, through mobile apps, and across social media. With our new story-centric workflow, you gain the efficiency you need to create, collaborate, manage, and deliver a wider range of multimedia-rich content. And engage a wider audience across a wider variety of screens. All by using a single interface—MediaCentral | UX.

Transition to video over IP and UHD—coming soon

Modernize your production end to end—without the costly upgrades. With support for video and graphics over IP coming soon to multiple products across the MediaCentral Platform, you can transition from SDI and use your existing Ethernet infrastructure to ingest, insert, monitor, and play out content, boosting system flexibility and interoperability. And with new support for UHD, you can create and deliver even higher quality content than ever before.

Connect to the MediaCentral Platform with Premiere

With the new Avid MediaCentral | UX Connector for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe editors can now connect to Interplay | ProductionInterplay | MAM, and iNEWS systems and collaborate locally and remotely with Avid editors. Using MediaCentral | UX, this connector enables you to access the platform through a dedicated panel in Premiere Pro CC to browse, search for, access, and import clips and sequences from Interplay for editing in Premiere. You can also export rendered sequences back to Interplay, providing a complete roundtrip workflow. 

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Expand your graphics workflow

Drag and drop clips or images directly into Avid Maestro graphics templates through the new integrated graphics pane, accelerating real-time broadcast production and workflows. And with the Maestro and VizRT connectors, adding graphics to your video sequences is easier than ever. Gain playback confidence by inserting graphics directly in the MediaCentral | UX timeline, where they can be previewed and timed within a sequence to minimize errors before playout. When the timeline is played out, the graphics devices automatically insert the graphics in real time.

Edit more easily

With the new Snap to Cut feature, you can quickly cut parts of a sequence without leaving a gap. You can also now preserve the state of the Video ID overwrite between send-to-playback operations. And get better insight into what media is offline in your timeline with the new red visual indicator—especially useful when using the Review for Playback button before sending to playback.

Publish media to multiple platforms simultaneously

Deliver content sourced from iNEWS, Interplay | Production, and Interplay | MAM to multiple web, mobile, and social channels quickly with direct integration with Media | Distribute, accessible through MediaCentral | UX.

Customize logging for multiple production types

Log media with more relevance to your diverse production needs. With the optional Customizable Logger, you can design and create custom logging panes and pane templates using drag and drop. Enhance metadata content for sporting events, elections, reality show episodes, and other productions. You can even use it with Interplay | Production and Interplay | MAM managed assets, as well as assets being edited while being captured.

Minimize costs and space

Save on power and cooling costs by reducing your hardware footprint. MediaCentral | UX is now VMware aware, so you can run and install it on a single node virtual machine instead of on hardware. You can then deploy and operate multiple Avid applications, including MediaCentral | UX, iNEWS, and Interplay | Production, on a single physical server.

User benefits
  • Access Media—Access all of your production assets and associated metadata across your Interplay | ProductionInterplay | MAM, and iNEWS systems from a single, unified UI, with powerful search capabilities and real-time playback using Media | Index
  • Sequence—Create rough-cut, multicam, or other advanced sequences with video dissolves or L-cuts
  • Log—Add markers with descriptive comments and sub-clip video or live feeds to facilitate easy search and retrieval of relevant content
  • Frame-chase edit—Play or edit MXF media that is being captured by a supported device, such as AirSpeed 5000
  • Message—Send messages to all of your associates to exchange asset links and notes throughout the workgroup and directly to the editing desktop, speeding pre-planning, review, and approval
  • Restrict—Add content use restrictions
  • Adjust audio—Use any audio track from the source clip in a sequence, modify audio levels of individual clips, and create audio to narrate a video sequence
  • Create news stories—Write scripts while you view video sequences in a single user interface
  • Add graphics—Create graphics, insert them directly into the timeline for preview, and send complete sequences to air
  • Manage rundowns and produce shows—Duplicate, group, and associate stories with sequences and execute monitor functions during live news show production
  • Add closed captioning—Work with captions during media production for on-air and web content
  • Archive and restore media—Extend shared media access and retrieval online with archive and restore workflows; simply use MediaCentral | UX to tap into Interplay | Production and Interplay | MAM, as well as such partner systems as SGL, Masstech, Oracle, and Spectra Logic
Business benefits
  • Enable distributed workflows and real-time collaboration between media production functions to get more done
  • Connect with MediaCentral, an open, agile, extensible platform that adapts to your team’s needs today and transforms to meet your needs tomorrow by enabling you to embrace new ways of working, connecting, and collaborating in your ever-changing business environment
  • Extend your available talent and resources by enabling field-based collaborators
  • Ensure quality through the review and approval process
  • Customize MediaCentral | UX to extend your production workflow tools within it using the Avid Platform APIs
Administrative benefits
  • Enjoy simple deployment and low cost of ownership with a lightweight application that consolidates all software installation, licensing, administration, and upgrades into one or more servers that handle multiple simultaneous client connections
  • Choose your preferred platform with Mac and Windows support
  • Work with iNEWS content, Interplay media, or both simultaneously
  • Get real-time proxy generation for streaming video access—low res clips are loaded on the fly
  • Enable distributed workflows
Avid MediaCentral|UX


OS MediaCentral | UX is available for iOS and Android devices.
Compatibility Consult the ReadMe release notes for compatibility details.
Browser MediaCentral | UX supports commonly used browsers on Windows and Mac OS X.
Compatibility Consult the ReadMe release notes for compatibility details.
Application Lightweight browser-based application accessible via a secured Internet connection
Organization Story-centric organization
Views Customizable views
Panes Modular, resizable function panes
Modules (optional) Add optional modules to expand your capabilities, such as Media | Index global search, Media | Distribute multiplatform delivery, and Media | Director file-based ingest
Supported Formats Consult the Compatibility Notes and Issues chapter of the ReadMe release notes for a list of supported formats
Server Configurations MediaCentral can be installed on standard HP and Dell server configurations.
  Consult the MediaCentral Platform Services Hardware Guide for details.
Hebrew (search only)
Italian (user interface only)
Simplified Chinese
See Avid compatibility charts
Avid MediaCentral|UX