Cambridge Research Systems Harding FPA Analyser

The HardingFPA-HD-SDI is designed for operation in tape-based workflows.

It accepts an SDI feed, from for example, your VTR or edit system, and provides a real-time analysis capability to identify and highlight image sequences that do not comply with the Guidelines in use.

The output graphics provide frame-by-frame and in-frame information about potential risks in the content, and the system can provide a printed/PDF report for your editors identifying failing sequences with time codes, a risk evaluation and thumbnail images to help identify the start and end points of the problem sequence.

Many editors find it very useful having a HardingFPA system available while they work on their material, as the live graphics and the ability to check short sequences directly via an SDI output from their edit system makes the work much easier.

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Cambridge Research Systems Harding FPA Analyser


Usage  A Stand-Alone Tape-Based HD/SD analyser with Optional File Analysis capabilities.

Platform  Windows XP, Windows 7 (MAC version in development).

Resolution  HD/SD.

Inputs  Accepts SDI signal feed.


  • The full HardingFPA; Luminance flashing, Red flashing, Extended flashing and Spatial Patterns analysis.
  • Provides real time analysis of live video.
  • Full graphical user interface including: risk evaluation, diagnostic information, frame by frame and in-frame information, zoom and replay controls.
  • RS422 control of VTR.
  • PDF report of failing sequences.
  • PDF pass certificates.

Included Options

  • Available as ‘turnkey’ system pre-installed on a PC host or as a ‘Software + Capture Card’ pack to install in your own host PC.
  • Optional File analysis module available for Harding FPA-HD/SD version.
Cambridge Research Systems Harding FPA Analyser


The HardingFPA is now available in the new Version 3.5.3 release. This latest version provides either SD only or HD/SD analysis from an SDI feed and is a completly new set of software written to take full advantage of the today’s advanced computer technologies.

While acknowledging the heritage of more than ten years of HardingFPA development, Version 3 incorporates new advanced algorithms optimised to provide the highest levels of repeatability and reproducibility across the many formats and encoding techniques used in today’s broadcast environments. The new HardingFPA also has new features and tools designed to provide increased insight and detail on any problems identified by the analysis.

Cambridge Research Systems Harding FPA Analyser