Gravity Media 18-Camera Flypack

Gravity Media’s 18-Camera Flypack can carry up to 12 HD camera channels and six special cameras, and is fully 3G capable. It is an ultra-efficient mobile production unit, designed to support both traditional and remote integration/‘at home’ workflows. Cutting-edge technology combines with an ergonomic working environment, allowing streamlined production teams to create engaging content in day-long comfort.

Download Specification

  • 3G 1080p to SD-SDI compatible
  • Up to 8 Hitachi HD cameras
  • Baseband workflows, with a choice of router hardware and control systems
  • Ross Carbonite switcher, with integrated multiviewers
  • Additional Evertz VIP multiviewers
  • Up to 2x EVS replays
  • MADI audio workflow across a variety of consoles including Calrec and Lawo
  • Range of Dante peripherals
  • Integrated communications matrix
  • Additional RF and speciality camera compatible
  • Zoom / LiveU streaming integration
  • Suitable for both multiplatform streaming and baseband delivery
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