Australian Open Tennis

UK, Australia

Tennis Australia

What we did

Gravity Media is the technical host broadcast facilities provider for the Australian Open, this means that all broadcast facilities needed for the Host Broadcast are supplied by Gravity Media. The team also supply the engineering crew needed to support this large facility, generally ranging from 60-80 crew.

What we used

A large scale dedicated fly away system:
• Freight
• Air Freight 87 000 KG
• 5 x 40 foot sea containers containing 73 000KG
• Total Freight = 160 000 KG
• Camera total for Host 153
• EVS Totals for Host
• 24 Machines x 12 channel machines with total Input/Output capacity of 288 channels
• 52 x IPD;s
• Stream up to 60 feeds per day to the main Pixstor storage – by the end of the event we would have used 220 TB on the storage
• Communications system
• Made of 10 x Riedel networked Artist frames giving a total 1024 inputs and 1024 outputs. There are more than 250 communications panels attached to this network spread across the tennis precinct
• Audio system
• 6 x large audio control rooms mixing signals for 16 TV Courts.
• 6 x Lawo Nova 73 cores with a central core managing over • • •8000 signal paths.
• Video system o Grass valley IP core o Made up of dual 9K Cisco switches o IP RTR size
-900 sources
-2800 outputs
-Bandwidth switched = 5100 Gb
-180 Router panels across the system
-Dual 600 Gb connections from CAR to the 4th floor of THQ sendimg 220 x 3G signals upstairs and 8 x 3G signals back down
• Vision mixers o 4 x Kahuna switchers each with 120 inputs and 64 outputs and they are configured as 8 logical switchers.


Gravity Media continues its work with Tennis Australia on a yearly basis, supplying dedicated flypack solutions and crew.

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