UEFA Champions League / Europa League


What we did

UEFA – one of the world’s most powerful sports federations, which oversees the two biggest club football competitions on earth: the Champions League and Europa League.

Since 1992, Gravity Media has provided a range of production services to UEFA’s rights-holders around the world. These have developed over our 25 years of association with UEFA and now include: the highly acclaimed Instant Highlights Feed; individual long-form match highlights; big screen/hospitality highlights distributed to all venues at half-time and full-time; individual off-tube match commentary; and crafted, ready-to-air highlights programming produced on the night.

What we used

We continually invest in the latest technology to best serve our customers and meet the challenges of the ever-changing media landscape. Our state-of-the-art Production Centre was customised largely to meet the demands of this complex and high-pressure project, and the creation of a flexible EVS-production floor and multiple HD control rooms has helped ensure that we continue to deliver everything asked of us and more.


Our fully-networked, versatile and robust EVS-Avid workflows enable us to provide this array of production services and top-quality programming to UEFA’s rights-holding broadcasters around the world.

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