The Football Association (The FA)


What we did

In 2012, The FA wished to ensure its video archive was preserved for future generations and future-proofed against advances in broadcast technology and digital formats.

What we used

We created a digital archive solution to support The FA’s migration from tape to digital formats. The solution also allows simultaneous remote access to the secure archived content via a web browser.

Behind this serviced solution lies EVS – the dominant technology for sports and live production broadcasts worldwide. Gravity Media chose to install the premium EVS system, the Media Archive Director, as it had been designed with sport production in mind, and is used by some of the world’s top broadcasters and federations, including UEFA, FIFA and Al-Jazeera.

The difference in the way our EVS system was configured is that it was custom-built as a shared, serviced-based solution, meaning the cost of entry for The FA to this premium product was significantly reduced.


Over the past five years, Gravity Media has diligently logged, ingested and associated with rich metadata almost all of The FA’s match archive material – some 3,000 hours in total – working closely with The FA broadcast team and FATV throughout to ensure the most valuable assets were accessible first.

The whole FA archive can now be searched, viewed and delivered, meaning material is accessible to The FA internal teams and multiple external partners via the web.

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