Laver Cup


Tennis Australia

What we did

Gravity Media teams from the UK, US and Australia converged in Boston to cover the fourth Laver Cup tennis tournament in September 2021, equipped with our unique flypack technology and 4K-ready Columbus mobile unit.

What we used

Our solution for this included three trucks. Our core truck being an expandable OB unit capable of HD, HDR and 4K coverage, as well as Dolby 11:1 encoding and monitoring. A separate OB vehicle was supplied to facilitate the Integrated Feed and provide a tailored solution bespoke to Tennis Australia’s requirements. The third truck was a dedicated edit unit with access to all host media available across the EVS network.


We worked closely with Tennis Australia to create a spectacle around what team tennis should look like, working to get angles that you wouldn’t necessarily see in tennis broadcast. Not only were our world-renowned net cams implemented but we used Panasonic AW-UE70 4K PTZ Cameras to get shots around the team bench. The small, remote nature of these cameras worked well, allowing us to get closer to the action without disturbing the players. ​

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