HD Control Room Build Integrated with Audio Facilities



What we did

Designers and engineers from Gravity Media Australia worked with the team at FremantleMedia to come up with a bespoke multi-control room solution.

Every single angle needed to be covered, from the main studio cameras, to hot head cameras at the foot of the stage to the custom-designed Steadicam rig.

FremantleMedia’s schedule was tight so a key part of the service was fast delivery. The entire set-up was devised and built in under a week.

Housing hardware, the Central Apparatus Room (CAR) was the focal point of the project. Gravity Media also arranged the main Production Gallery front row and a second (rear) room, to house  engineers, comms engineers and video engineers.

Ergonomic design elements of the specially tailored system meant the large crew of producers were better able to perform their individual jobs efficiently, in upmost comfort.

What we used

Gravity Media has a worldwide reputation for developing creative & innovative broadcast solutions for high-profile televised events.

Specialist technical skills and unrivalled industry knowledge meant Gravity Media  was perfectly placed to provide FremantleMedia with the best engineering and latest technology available for its sophisticated HD control room.

The solution had to be reliable, flexible, and cost-effective.

The Gravity Media team for X Factor was well-known to FremantleMedia. They trust(ed) them to deliver and they already have the long-standing relationships that underpin this trust.

The team had advanced knowledge of the industry, its players and the latest in broadcast technology. A wealth of experience in provision of effective solutions for major televised events, coupled with the ability to effectively innovate to make life easier for those involved in X Factor, sums up the Gravity Media approach.


Gravity Media is internationally recognised as a market leader in broadcast solutions, project management and systems integration. It delivers durable yet fully flexible solutions that are both creative and innovative, tailored to meet client needs. FremantleMedia’s Tim Clucas said, “The X Factor is a live show so our technical and production partner had to be flexible. I’m delighted to say Gearhouse Broadcast are this and more. They work exceptionally well in a live production environment and their support and service is always excellent.” Gravity Media is heavily involved in live sports events and has a long-standing relationship with Thames, producer of  X Factor (UK) and  Britain’s Got Talent. It even broadcasts from the jungle, providing services for “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here”.

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