Major Cable Installation For Host Broadcast Services At Fifa World Cup Germany™

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For broadcasting purposes, the 2006 FIFA World Cup required 12 Technical Operation Centres (TOC’s) – one for each venue where matches were played. Having won the contract to design, supply and build the TOC’s for host broadcaster HBS, Gearhouse Broadcast was awarded a separate contract to install all associated unilateral and multi-lateral cabling.

What we used

The main signal-distribution and monitoring facility at a televised venue, a TOC is a crucial central hub for an event’s host broadcaster. TOC’s are also used by individual broadcasters.

Gearhouse Broadcast, responsible for designing and building 12 TOC’s for the 2006 FIFA World Cup – one at each German stadium where matches were played – also supplied all associated cabling.

The cable installation required plenty of forward planning as well as careful logistics management. From as early as April, four rigging teams moved around Germany between venues, rigging and installing cable.

The cabling used included 11mm and 14mm coaxial camera triax cable, SMPTE 311 fibre optic HD camera cable, video coaxial cable, audio multi-ways and data cable. All together, 700 kilometres of cabling was required to make the 12 TOCs function correctly.


The multi-lateral cabling used allowed for the successful production of the world feeds beamed out to billions of football fans around the globe.

Provision of broadcast partner cabling at each venue meant individual broadcasters were able to put their own spin on the viewing packages sent back to their home countries.

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