• Event Communications

Clear Com LQ-R4W8

Brand: Clear Com

Product code: Clear Com LQ-R4W8

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  • 8-Port 1RU Panel for 4-wire Interfacing
  • Intercom-over-IP: routing intercom and audio signals over IP networks
  • 2-wire powering, termination and auto-nulling
  • 4-wire ports support data and audio for Clear-Com Eclipse HX and Drake 4000 panels
  • Connect up to 6 LQ devices together over LAN, WAN, Internet
  • Remotely connect up to 8 IVC-32-HX or E-IPA-HX ports per LQ device
  • Supports up to 8 Agent-IC clients per LQ device (license required)
  • Supports up to 8 SIP client connections per LQ device (license required)
  • Connects to HelixNet via HLI-ET2 over LAN or WAN
  • Adjustable bandwidth on a per port basis
  • Connectors: Network/LAN: EtherCON/RJ45 (female); 4-wire Audio I/O: EtherCON/RJ45 (female)
  • Network-friendly OPUS Codec
  • Browser-based Core Configuration Manager application
  • Networked Control Events for multi-unicast one-to-many routing
Linking 4-wire Intercom Systems

The general purpose of the Clear-Com LQ interfaces is to connect and route signals from multiple intercom systems and audio devices from point-to-point or point-to-multi-point, virtually anywhere over the secure IP network. LQ can link any 4-wire intercom systems such as Clear-Com’s Eclipse, Eclipse HX intercom system and Drake 4000 II panels over IP connections.

Extending Existing Intercom Systems

Need to add an intercom user position across campus and in the next town? Just interface your existing 4-wire intercom system, regardless of brand, with LQ-R4W8 devices. Place the appropriate LQ device at the desired position, then connect Clear-Com’s 4-wire system or panel directly into the LQ device. Once devices are networked together with the Core Configuration Manager, the open communication link between these devices will allow everyone on the intercom network to talk or listen, depend on the configuration.


Resolution: 12 bit
Sample Rate: 24KHz
Frequency Response: 100 – 12KHz

4-Wire Audio

Input Gain: -12dB to +12dB
Output Gain: -12dB to +12dB


Bit Rates: 16, 32, 48, 64, 128Kbps
Packet Size: 5, 10, 20, 40, 60ms
Jitter Buffers: 0 – 1000ms


Network/LAN: EtherCON/RJ45 (female)
4-wire Audio I/O: EtherCON/RJ45 (female)

Power Supply

In-line supply with sleeve locking connector
Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.4A MAX
Output: DC 12V, 5A, 60W MAX


Operating Temperature: +32°F – +104°F (0°C – +40°C)
Storage Temperature: -67°F – +158°F (-55°C – +70°C)
Humidity: 90%, non-condensing


19in W x 1.79in H x 8.8in D
(483mm x 46mm x 224mm)


4.29lbs (1.95kg)

  • Download LQ R4W8 LQSeries User Guide 399G227C (24 MB pdf)
  • Download LQ R4W8 Wired Communication Brochure Jul2018 (11 MB pdf)