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The Next Generation of Live Production Servers

With professional-grade servers, you can store and edit high-quality images at lightning speed for optimal storytelling. At Gravity Media, we offer a wide range of leading EVS servers to provide our clients with access to the latest broadcast technology.  From simplifying your workflows and accelerating the editing process to direct playout and perfect synchronisation, EVS servers are the ultimate option when it comes to perfecting your playback and enhancing the quality of your storytelling. 

Seamless Playback for Dynamic Storytelling

When you’re broadcasting live or reporting on developing stories, you need a server that can ingest, edit, transmit, or playout in record time and EVS servers do just that!  The EVS XT-VIA production server offers unrivalled performance in live broadcast environments, for example, while the EVS IPWeb maximises flexibility and allows team members to access content remotely via its VIA Flow integration. Whether you’re filming a major sporting event, broadcasting live news, or delivering world-class entertainment, our suite of EVS servers will ensure you have the tech you need to enhance your storytelling. 

Efficient Clip Creation for Engaging Highlights

Integrating highlights into your broadcasts excites and engages the audience but, when you’re filming live events or dynamic stories, time is of the essence. This means you’ll need an industry-leading EVS server to facilitate efficient clip creation.  Fortunately, Gravity Media offers an extensive range of servers to meet your production needs. Share stories in two, three, four six, eight, or 10x slow motion with the EVS XT-(3) ChannelMax, undertake faster-than-real-time transfers and transcoding with the EVS XTAccess or prepare clips on the go with the EVS LSM Connect tablet.  To explore our entire range of EVS servers and plan your need production, contact the Gravity Media Equipment Rental and Sales team now. 


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