Sony LMD-9050 Monitor

The LMD-9050 is 8.4 inch LCD monitor aimed at broadcast and professional applications.

LMD-9050 is a one-piece style monitor for HD/SD multi-format capability. It can be AC, DC, or battery driven so that it can be hand-held, situated on a desk, or mounted in standard racks.

Control buttons, input and output, monitor stand are all combined with the LCD panel to achieve an all-in-one design.

With high-grade LCD panel, the LMD-9050 offers a range of interfaces on its rear panel, from analogue composite, analogue component or digital HD-SDI.

LMD-9050 is designed to meet a wide range of picture monitoring demands in professional applications such as broadcast stations, OB vehicles, post-production studios, and digital photo studios.

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Sony LMD-9050 Monitor


Input Versatility
The LMD-9050 provides all inputs as standard, keeping the unit simple and clean. For typical SD video monitoring, the LMD-9050 offers interfaces for analogue composite (NTSC/PAL), analogue component, RGB (525/60i and 625/50i) Y/C (S-Video) and SD-SDI. The multiformat LMD-9050 also accepts a variety of progessive SD and HD formats thorught its HD-SDI interface.
AR (anti reflection) Coated Protection Panel
The LMD-9050 uses a robust AR-coated protection layer, which minimises the chance of the panel being scratched during transportation – an extremely important criteria for use in the field or in any mobile application. The AR coating additionally has two unique characteristics: it provides a high transmission rate of the internal light source to keep the picture as bright as possible, and it keeps reflection from ambient light to a minimum. As a result, when used in bright lighting conditions, high contrast is still maintained even in dark areas of the picture.
Advanced Marker Settings
The LMD-9050 can display various area markers, including a centre marker and aspect markers. The brightness of these markers can be selected from three different levels, white, grey, and dark grey, and their width can be selected from FINE, STANDARD, and BOLD. What’s more, users can select either a black or grey matte to fill the outer area of the aspect markers. These flexible marker controls together with the choice of many different aspect markers, make the LMD-9050 monitor extremely convenient for a variety of shooting scenarios.
Selectable Scan Size for Video Input and Aspect Ratio
The screen size can be selected between 5% over-scan, 0% zeroscan and –3% underscan modes. The aspect ratio can be switched between 16:9 and 4:3 according to input signals.
Three Colour Tally
The tally lamp can be lit up via a parallel remote connector and the status of the signal displayed on the monitor can be identified by tally colour – red, green or amber.
Sony LMD-9050 Monitor


AC power cord* x 1
AC adaptor x 1
Operation Instructions x 1
CD-ROM x 1
Using the CD-ROM Manual x 1
Sony LMD-9050 Monitor