Sony HVR-A1E HDV Camcorder Recording HD / SD

This camera includes 1080i standard, the HVR-A1E offers a host of advanced features for professional use. Using technology such as CMOS means the HVR-A1E is an ultra-compact camcorder capable of providing HDV in full 1080 line resolution. Building on the affordability of HDV, the HVR-A1E provides users a migration path from Standard Definition whilst retaining the qualities of the popular DVCAM range such as ease of use and i.LINK (IEEE1394) connectivity. Through the HDV format Sony’s HVR-A1E allows you to capture High Definition pictures on a standard DV format cassette – providing both a highly cost effective format and full 1080 line resolution.

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Sony HVR-A1E HDV Camcorder Recording HD / SD


HDV / DVCAM / DV switchable
Providing professional users with the flexibility to choose the format that suits the need of your production and offering an easy migration from a Standard Definition environment.
Built-in down-conversion to DV
The flexibility to film your footage in HDV and use the camera’s down-converter to output Standard Definition pictures if required.
CMOS Sensor with Enhanced Imaging Processor
Using a 3 mega pixel CMOS sensor provides high quality results in a highly compact design. With the Enhanced Imaging Processor (EIP) which is the new signal processing circuit for CMOS sensor, it provides a number of benefits such as,
– Wide dynamic range
– Smear-less
– High sensitivity & Low noise
– High-speed read-out
– Low power consumption
Carl Zeiss lens
The HVR-A1E is equipped with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens with a 10x zoom function. With the filter diameter of 37mm, its fully coated glass is the same as used on Carl Zeiss prime lenses, producing sharp, high-contrast images, with virtually no chromatic aberration.
Still image capture
Enables the flexibility to capture still images onto both tape and Memory Stick. It can record maximum 2.8M (1920×1440) pixels in Memory Mode, and maximum 1.2M (1440×810) in Tape Mode.
2.7″ hybrid LCD monitor (16:9) with touch panel function
The HVR-A1E employs a 2.7-inch type colour LCD monitor with a high resolution of approx. 123,000 pixels. Its 16:9 aspect ratio helps in checking High Definition pictures, also the touch panel function allows direct operation of camera settings as well as playback function.
B&W / colour switchable viewfinder
Some professional users find it beneficial to view an image in black and white to assist with focusing operations. For this reason, the HVR-A1E allows you to choose either a colour or black & white display on the viewfinder depending on your preference.
Simultaneous operation of LCD panel & viewfinder
Allowing you greater flexibility to focus shots accurately via viewfinder while simultaneously framing images via the fold-out LCD panel.
Cineframe 25 & Cinematone Gamma
As well as the HVR-Z1E camcorder, the HVR-A1E provides Cineframe mode (25 frames) and 2-mode Cinematone Gamma, in order to meet requirements to make images cinematic and film-like look.
2ch XLR audio inputs
The HVR-A1E offers the recording of audio by providing built-in stereo microphone, as well as two XLR audio inputs for connecting an external microphone or feeding an external-line audio source.
Time code preset
Supports professional operation with flexible time code and user bit settings.
Selectable manual Focus / Zoom ring
The ring positioned in front of the body can be selected for manual focus or manual zoom, with direct operation of using the slide switch located near the ring.
Assignable button
A frequently used function can be registered to this button so that it can be recalled instantly with the touch of the button. The assignable functions are Status Check, Steady Shot, One Push White Balance, Histogram Indicator or Colour Bar.
Exposure lever
This new lever allows direct manual control of brightness. It can be assigned for either Exposure or AE Shift fuction by menu setting.
Tele MACRO function
The new function enables to take “macro” picture for a specific object even from a distance. The photographic subject can be made more conspicuous since the background fades automatically.
Histogram indicator
The new indicator allows you to check the brightness of an object and easily adjust exposure by viewing this graphical presentation.
Sony HVR-A1E HDV Camcorder Recording HD / SD


Power requirement (AC Adaptor / Battery)
8.4 V / 7.2 V
Power consumption
(VF On / LCD On / VF & LCD On)
5.6 W / 5.8 W / 6.2 W (HDV recording)
670 g (without tape, battery)
Dimemsion (W x H x D)
71 x 103 x 191 mm (excluding lens hood and microphone)
Continuous recording time
320 min (with NP-QM91D, LCD off, HDV recording)
LCD Monitor
2.7-inch type 16:9 hybrid colour (123,200 dots)
0.54-inch type LCD (252,000 dots), B&W / Colour
Sony HVR-A1E HDV Camcorder Recording HD / SD