Sony BVM-A14F5U

14-inch, Multiformat stand-alone monitor- BVM-A Series

The BVM-A14F5M is a multiformat viewing monitor. It is equipped with a high resolution Trinitron CRT. This monitor provides an excellent picture resolution of 800 TVL. Along with the other models of the new BVM-A series, it is perfectly suitable for both conventional video standard and the emerging new high definition format.

This monitor is intended for the most critical picture evaluation in the high-end production and post-production environments.

Superb picture reproduction
This monitor provides very high-resolution pictures for viewing application. Sony manufactured Trinitron CRT provides excellent colour uniformity and performance.
Multiformat signal support
This monitor accepts the wide variety of digital signals necessary to allow you the freedom to produce in whatever format you choose.
Easy customisation
This monitor is designed with three option slots for the additional video decoder boards of your choice – so you can keep your options open.
High flexibility and modularity
Whatever your needs this monitor has maximum flexibility both during installation and operation.
Ethernet connection
The BVM-A Series can be connected via an Ethernet control system using standard network components. Through this network any monitor can be configured, remotely controlled or monitored by using e-service mode.

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Sony BVM-A14F5U


14-inch HR Trinitron.
Sony Trinitron CRT technology offers many benefits to users. The vertical flatness of the screen reduces the ambient light reflection. It also offers very bright, high contrast pictures combined with high picture resolution, low uniformity and purity errors.
Dual-Link HD-SDI
Using two HD-SDI connectors in a pair, the BVM-A Series allows a variety of digital 4:4:4 HD signals to be accepted. This feature ensures precise and sharp colour reproduction.
EBU phosphors for best colour reproduction.
Sony high resolution HR Trinitron CRT’s are all equipped with EBU standard phosphors. The tight tolerances of the EBU standard guarantee a precise colour reproduction.
Modular concept with separate control unit and memory stick
With the use of a memory stick,, you can save and download all monitor set-ups such as the input channel configuration, control preset adjustments, white balance settings and maintenance parameters.
Serial remote interface for multiple monitor control.
Up to 32 monitors can be fully controlled through this serial remote interface by a separate control unit BKM-15R.
High Resolution picture – 800 TVL.
Sony Trinitron CRT technology offers very high picture quality for the finest picture reproduction.
Multiformat capability
This monitor is capable of displaying each input format at its native frequency and resolution with an extreme degree of colour accuracy. It accepts the following format:
575/50i, 480/60i, 575/50p, 480/60p, 1080/24PsF, 1080/50i, 1080/60i, 720/60p, 720/50p
Digital uniformity
With the BVM-A Series, white can be reproduced uniformly on every point of the screen, even in the peripheral area, using the digital uniformity circuit.
Auto White balance facility (Konica Minolta, DK technologies, UDT instruments and Sony probe).
This feature will allow you to match the white and black level of your various monitors to the recommended standard. In addition to the EBU phosphors a precise picture reproduction is obtained.
Optional slots for various input decoders (3 slots).
Depending on your requirement, the most appropriate decoders can simply be inserted in the option slots at the rear of the monitor.
SNMP Remote Protocol*
The BVM-A Series monitors support the SNMP protocol through their Ethernet ports, allowing maintenance information to be monitored and logged on compatible remote maintenance software * A future feature (by the end of April 2006)
Sony BVM-A14F5U


Centre resolution  800 TV lines
AG pitch  0.25mm
CRT phosphor  EBU
Dimensions (H)  6U
Signal Format  15.625kHz to 45kHz
Frequency response  48Hz to 30MHz +1dB/-3dB
Sony BVM-A14F5U