Sennheiser SK6000 body worn radio mic transmitters

More channels, better transmission performance: intermodulation-free pocket transmitter with maximum spectral efficiency and huge signal reliability. Up to 6.5 hours of operation with lithium-ion battery pack, optionally battery set.

The pocket transmitter SK 6000 6000 is intermodulation-free, which allows operation in an equidistant frequency grid. The transmission concept thereby permits, even in the toughest frequency ranges, maximum spectral efficiency. In short: more channels, maximum transmission performance at all times and hence outstanding signal stability.
The SK 6000 is the high-end solution for guitar/bass or as a transmitter for the Sennheiser clip-on microphones MKE 1, MKE 2 and MKE 40, headsets HSP 2, HSP 4 and SL Headmic.

The magnesium housing combines the benefits of being inconspicuous in size, a robust design and low weight, while offering reliable protection against moisture.

The lithium-ion battery pack BA 61 ensures up to 6.5 hours of operation; there is also the option of operation with batteries using the battery set B 61.

The transmitter is likewise compatible with the EK 6042 and the EM 9046 in Long Range mode.

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Sennheiser SK6000 body worn radio mic transmitters


  • Three frequency variations (470-558 MHz, 550-638 MHz, 630-718 MHz)
  • Sennheiser 3-pin connector allows connection to a variety of microphones or an instrument
  • Highly effective intermodulation protection
  • AES 256 encryption and Digital 9000 encryption
  • Compatible with EK 6042 and EM 9046 in Long Range mode
  • Li-ion battery packs with 6.5 hours run time
  • Magnesium housing
Sennheiser SK6000 body worn radio mic transmitters


Dimensions 76 x 62 x 20 mm (with BA 61 battery pack)

Weight Approx. 147 g (with BA 61 battery pack and belt clip)

Audio input 3-pin audio socket

Power consumption Max. 960 mW

RF output power 25 mW rms, 50 mW peak

Switching bandwidth 88 MHz

Operating time 6.5 h (with BA 61 battery pack)

Modulation Digital modulation long range mode

Gain Mic: adjustable in 3 dB steps from 0 dB to +42 dB

Line: adjustable in 3 dB steps from -6 dB to +9 dB

Frequency range

470 to 718 MHz, subdivided into 3 ranges:

SK 6000 A1 – A4: 470 – 558 MHz

SK 6000 A5 – A8: 550 – 638 MHz

SK 6000 B1 – B4: 630 – 718 MHz

Input impedance

Mic: 22kΩ

Line: 1 MΩ

Audio codec

SeDAC (Sennheiser Digital Audio Codec)

AF frequency response

Line: 30 Hz – 20 kHz (3 dB)

Mic: 30 Hz – 20 kHz (3 dB)

Frequency stability  < 5 ppm

Tunability  25 kHz steps

Lower cut-off-frequency

Mic: adjustable, 30 Hz, 60 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz

Line: 30 Hz, 60 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz

Instrument cable emulation  Adjustable cable length with 3 steps

Encryption  AES 256 and Digital 9000 encryption

Sennheiser SK6000 body worn radio mic transmitters