Gravity Media’s NetCam

Capture the action at the world’s major tennis tournaments with Gravity Media’s innovative NetCam. Used at Grand Slams, WTA Finals and the Olympics, NetCam delivers a unique viewing experience and allows viewers to enjoy a whole new perspective of the game they love.

Used to broadcast live from the biggest events, Gravity Media’s NetCam features a dual UHD camera platform with 2 x simultaneous 12g-SDI outputs (one from each camera). This enables both players to be filmed simultaneously, ensuring the most exciting footage is broadcast to viewers all over the world. 

Discreetly mounted within the centre strap of the net, just behind the white vertical adjustment strap, Net Cam allows viewers to enjoy the match from an entirely new vantage point. With a courtside fibre converter transforming signals into the optical format, shots from the centre of the court can be transmitted via a mobile control room (MCR) or production truck in an instant. 

Video Quality

Optimal video quality ensures an enhanced viewer experience, no matter where they’re watching from or what devices they’re using to stay up to date with the action. Gravity Media’s Net Cam captures ultra-high-definition (Full UHD) footage with 3864 x 2169p for crystal clear imagery and superior visuals. 

Our ultra-HD video quality ensures every shot is captured with precision quality visuals, and every outcall can be reviewed by spectators at home! 

Remote Camera Control

Staying in control of video capture means broadcasters can always be sure of getting the best shots and our advanced Net Cam makes it easy to adjust settings to optimise performance. With full remote control of colour, exposure etc., technicians can maximise the quality of the footage to deliver enhanced visuals and image quality. 

At outdoor tournaments, when light and weather conditions can change frequently, for example, full remote camera control means colour, brightness, exposure etc., can be adjusted to provide the best viewing experience. 

Furthermore, fully remote shading and racking enable engineers to adjust the shot to deliver optimal quality and immersive visuals so that viewers get a clear, focused view of what matters most. Whether it’s a nail-biting second serve, a never-ending rally or a Championship point, Gravity Media’s Net Cam takes viewers onto the court and provides broadcasters with the seamless functionality and superior footage they need to deliver the best at-home viewing experience.

Cable Connections and Output


When filming on championship tennis courts, it’s vital that none of the recording equipment impacts the functionality of the court or referring technology, which is why we used an advanced system to connect NetCam to mobile control rooms (MCRs) or production trucks. 

Each camera unit features 2 x 12g-SDI + 1 x data/power connections and ultra-thin cables are used to connect Net Cam from the centre of the net to the courtside field box via discreet cabling run securely across the bottom edge of the net.

A cable-to-fibre converter is situated at the courtside position, where signals are converted to an optical format for long-distance carriage to the production truck or MCR. Providing a seamless and approved method of capturing on-court footage, NetCam’s custom setup facilitates optimal gameplay and enhanced broadcasts. 

Showcase the Biggest Tournaments from a Unique On-Court Position

For tennis fans, it doesn’t get much better than on-court action and NetCam takes tennis coverage to the next level with superior quality footage and live transmission. Viewers can follow every rally, point and set from a unique perspective. From players’ shots and reactions to contentious calls and joyous celebrations, every minute of the match can be watched and enjoyed with Gravity Media’s NetCam.

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  • full UHD 3864 x 2169p
  • 2 x simultaneous 12g-SDI outputs (one from each camera)
  • full remote camera control of colour, exposure, etc.
  • camera unit discretely fitted within centre-strap of net
  • cable connection, 2 x 12g-SDI + 1 x data/power
  • cables discretely run and secured along bottom edge of net
  • cabled to fibre converter located at court-side position