Avid Nexis E2 60TB

Avid NEXIS is the world’s first software-defined storage platform that enables true storage virtualization for any media application. This powerful system delivers unrivalled media performance, scalability, and reliability to accelerate production in the most media-intensive broadcast, video post, education, and corporate environments. And now it offers greater scalability, a new nearline storage option, and even easier, more flexible systems management.

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Avid Nexis E2 60TB


Optimize your cloud storage

With support for Microsoft Azure’s Hot, Cool, and Archive blob storage tiers, you can store files in your Avid NEXIS | Cloud storage system in the most cost-effective manner. Media stored in a single Avid NEXIS workspace can span multiple storage tiers—on a per-file basis—based on performance and cost requirements. You can also directly access media in blob storage, providing greater system scalability, performance, and security.

Boost your bandwidth

Avid NEXIS high-performance storage groups provide the speed you need for 4K and finishing workflows, delivering up to 600 MB/s bandwidth per Media Pack and more than 25 GB/s in a single Avid NEXIS | E4 and/or E2 system, so you can get more done—faster. It’s ideal for online editing, supporting over 300 streams of DNxHR-encoded 4K playback at high quality, or more than 1,500 streams of DNxHR-LB-encoded 4K media. For maximum performance, Avid NEXIS | E2 SSD engines deliver 3 GB/s of throughput per engine for finishing, color grading, and other high-bandwidth workflows.

Get highly scalable shared storage

To accommodate the needs of the largest broadcast and post productions, Avid NEXIS supports up to 64 Media Packs across a single networked enterprise-class system. That means you can mix and match any combination of Avid NEXIS | E5 NL, E5, E4, E2, and/or E2 SSD engines together as a single system and scale its capacity from 9.6 TB up to 6.4 PB of total online and nearline storage—without any hassle or downtime.

Get performance on demand

Avid NEXIS is powered by a unique file system—Avid NEXIS | FS. This highly intelligent, scalable file system delivers unrivaled performance, enabling you to flexibly provision storage capacity and bandwidth to create virtual workspaces that are optimized for any workflow.

Adapt quickly to unpredictable changes

When projects or business needs change, Avid NEXIS can be flexibly reconfigured on the fly without impacting production. Intuitive software tools enable you to reallocate bandwidth, add or remove storage capacity, dynamically resize workspaces, and increase or decrease media protection quickly—all without any downtime or impact to teams.

Manage every facet of your system with ease

With the new highly responsive HTML5 Avid NEXIS Management Console and the original web interface, you gain unprecedented visibility into your system and control. Whether you need a simple, intuitive interface for day-to-day management, or need to make changes while on the go from your smartphone, Avid NEXIS enables you to reconfigure and reallocate resources on demand, as well as perform advanced monitoring and analysis.

Get high availability and media mirroring

For mission-critical productions, Avid NEXIS offers high availability options to boost performance and reliability. Protect your most vital media-intensive workflows against potential hardware failures with the Redundant Avid NEXIS Storage Controller, Redundant System Director, and Redundant Networking options. And seamlessly protect prized media against up to five drive failures with single or dual disk media mirroring protection*.

Secure assets with the utmost reliability

Choose the optimal type of data protection for each workspace—and change protection settings on the fly when needs change. You can protect a workspace against single or dual drive failures, with automatic drive rebuild. Or add engine protection with media mirroring to protect the entire system against up to five simultaneous disk failures. You can even safeguard against an entire engine failure—without losing any of your precious media.

Eliminate complexity and lower costs

Don’t keep adding new storage silos. Avid NEXIS is an economical, modular solution, enabling you to integrate online (E2, E4, E5), finishing (E2 SSD), and nearline (E5 NL) storage resources together into one virtualizable pool of storage. In fact, virtualizing your storage infrastructure with Avid NEXIS will lower your operational costs by eliminating the complexity and cost of managing multiple, disparate storage systems, while radically reducing media duplication and labor-intensive media wrangling.

Enable real-time collaboration with anyone, anywhere

Avid NEXIS works seamlessly with your favorite Avid and third-party creative tools and asset management systems, including Media Composer and Pro Tools. As an integral part of the Avid MediaCentral platform, Avid NEXIS enables you to boost efficiency and expand production on premises—and beyond the walls of your facility to the cloud—going beyond the boundaries of other storage solutions.

Accelerate workflows with industry-proven technology

Avid NEXIS was built from the same proven platform technology trusted by thousands of the world’s most demanding content facilities. In addition, all Avid NEXIS systems are backed by Avid’s worldwide Customer Care team, so you get the support you need—whenever, wherever, and however you need it.

* Please note that media mirroring is not supported with Avid NEXIS | E2 SSD and Avid NEXIS | E5 NL engines.

Move workspaces to different storage tiers

Want to move media from one Avid NEXIS storage engine to another storage tier? With Workspace Move, you can easily move Avid NEXIS workspaces between storage groups and engine types while preserving the media protection level—without requiring an external server or client. Or interrupting workflows. It’s ideal for transferring media from Avid NEXIS | E2, E4, or E5 scale-out storage groups to E2 SSD engines for high-speed finishing, as well as for parking or staging completed content on Avid NEXIS | E5 NL nearline storage.

Expand Avid NEXIS to the cloud

Running out of storage space on your Avid NEXIS system? Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces provides a super-simple way to safely offload media from Avid NEXIS and park projects in the cloud. You can also sync onsite Avid NEXIS workspaces to the cloud for easy offsite backup, reducing costs, risk, and administrative errors. Best of all, this new add-on service is available now for all Avid NEXIS systems, providing 2 TB of cloud storage through a limited-time free offer—get the details.

Double and mirror your E2 SSD storage

For high-performance finishing and VFX, Avid NEXIS | E2 SSD delivers a blazing-fast 3 GB/s of scalable performance per engine, plus new media mirroring capabilities. And now this all-flash array is available in a 38.4 TB capacity (alongside the current 9.6 TB and 19.2 TB capacities), giving you 2x more storage space per engine to accommodate monster-sized projects—with scalability to support more than 2 PB of flash storage by combining up to 64 38.4 TB E2 SSD engines in a single system.

Migrate to Avid NEXIS with ease

Got content on Avid ISIS shared storage that you’d like to move to Avid NEXIS? The Avid NEXIS Data Migration Utility—available now for both Mac and Windows—makes the process quick and easy, enabling media and multiple workspaces to be copied from Avid ISIS to Avid NEXIS. Or from one Avid NEXIS to another. You can even use multiple computers to migrate unique workspaces in parallel, saving tons of time.

Avid Nexis E2 60TB


Media drives and scalability One Media Pack of 10 HDD drives (2 TB, 6 TB, or 10 TB, offering up to 600 MB/s of bandwidth), for a total storage capacity of 20 TB–100 TB maximum per engine
System drives Two solid-state system and metadata drives
File system Avid NEXIS | FS—64-bit self-balancing, distributed file system with intelligent media distribution/redistribution, real-time media access, and dynamic disk protection
Supported clients Windows 10, 8, and 7 (64-bit); macOS 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, and 10.11 (64-bit); Red Hat Linux 6.5; CentOS 7.3, 7.4, and 7.5
Client connections Supports up to 40 active 1Gb, 10Gb, and 40Gb clients; expandable to support up to 330 active clients with the optional System Director Appliance
File support 8 million files; expandable to support 20 million files with the optional System Director Appliance
System management Embedded System Director included; optional System Director Appliance available for larger-scale deployments and high availability
Network interface 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+
Rack size 2U
Dimensions (W x D x H) 19 x 24.8 x 3.5 inches (483 x 630 x 89 mm)
Weight (with drives) 57.2 lbs (26 kg)
Power supply Redundant 764W, 100–240 VAC, 60/50 Hz
Operating temperature 41°–104° F (5°–40° C)
Operating humidity 8%–80% noncondensing
Operating altitude 0–10,000 feet (0–3,045 m)
Non-operating altitude 10,000 to 40,000 feet (3,050 to 12,192 m)
Avid Nexis E2 60TB