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MediaCentral | Production Management greatly simplifies and accelerates your entire media production workflow, without compromising creativity or quality. This fully customizable MediaCentral workflow module enables broadcast, sports, and post-production teams to manage the content creation process, automate workflows, and empower collaboration—all from a simple web or mobile app interface—so projects move easily in parallel and work gets done faster.


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Avid MediaCentral | Production Management


Empower collaboration

Create more content faster, together

With MediaCentral | Production Management, you gain the efficiency your teams need to create and deliver a wider range of multimedia-rich content to a wider audience across multiple television, web, mobile, and social media channels. This new integrated workflow makes it easier to create, collaborate, manage, and deliver a wider range of content faster.

Enable editors to connect

With the MediaCentral | Panel for Media Composer or MediaCentral | Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC, editors can connect into your MediaCentral | Production Management workflow—right inside their editing interface. This enables them to search for media across your MediaCentral environment and add any clip or sequence to their project bins with a single click for editing.

Work from anywhere

Through the simple graphical MediaCentral | Cloud UX web or mobile app interface, journalists, producers, assistants, loggers, reviewers, media managers, and administrators can connect and access a variety of task-focused tools—specific to their job role and functions—from anywhere, using any device. Search, browse, do multi-camera logging, basic editing, review and approve, build complete news packages, and more while non-creative tasks are handled in the background.

Connect with others

MediaCentral | Production Management unites people, media, and workflows together—regardless of location—so you can all complete projects faster and more confidently, together. Track every asset and its relationship to each project. Link all resolution and format versions together. Enable smart media deletion. All while maintaining version control to speed and ease workflows.

Integrate Maestro graphics into your workflow—just added

MediaCentral now integrates with Maestro solutions, greatly speeding up the graphics creation process for quick-turnaround news and sports production. Easily browse, search for, and access MediaCentral-managed content directly from Maestro | DesignerMaestro | NewsMaestro | Live, and Maestro | PowerWall.

Stay updated

Got new footage or info to share? The MediaCentral | Message app (coming soon) makes it easy to exchange asset links and notes with other workgroup and team members, speeding pre-planning, editorial, review, and approval for enhanced collaboration.

Enable remote Media Composer | Ultimate collaboration

Media Composer | Cloud Remote enables any Media Composer | Ultimate editor with an Internet connection to connect to your MediaCentral | Production Management workgroup. This gives remote editors and contributors the same creative power and experience as if they were in the home facility—from accessing projects and media, to uploading content and triggering the Send-To-Playback process to accelerate the time to air.

Gain more editing flexibility—just added

Using MediaCentral | Production Management and MediaCentral | Asset Management? In addition to 3-point editing, which enables you to hone in on the best parts of a clip, you can now mix and match assets from both workflow modules in the same timeline for easier story creation. This gives you the flexibility to create shotlists in either module and edit content together from both systems using MediaCentral | Cloud UX—without having to move media.

boost efficiency

Find the right clips faster—just added

Looking for specific clips that contain certain spoken words or phrases? MediaCentral | Production Management now supports phonetic indexing and search, making it easy to locate all relevant master clips across any indexed media library based on the dialogue they contain—right from your web browser or mobile device. Simply type a keyword or phrase to find all clips that contain the speech you seek.

Archive assets with ease

Got MediaCentral | Shared Library? You can now archive and restore MediaCentral | Production Management content to and from MediaCentral | Shared Library in multiple resolutions—right from MediaCentral | Cloud UX. You can also transfer assets and media from your current workgroup to another using MediaCentral | Cloud UX too.

Find files fast

The built-in MediaCentral | Search app extends file search across multiple MediaCentral systems, so you can locate the media you need quickly—regardless of where the assets are stored. Not only can you preview clips and sequences across multiple databases, you can instantly find footage based on spoken dialog by adding MediaCentral | Phonetic Search to MediaCentral | Search.

Do everything in one

MediaCentral | Production Management is designed to simplify workflows, enabling you to have access to a wide variety of tools and media streaming in one interface. Add the tools you need to enable collaborative media review, annotation, logging, shot-listing, basic editing, and pre-planning right within the interface.

Accelerate turnaround time

Need a faster way to ingest tons of file-based footage? Add the MediaCentral | Ingest service to your platform to simplify and speed up workflows. MediaCentral | Ingest orchestrates the process of ingesting media into your production storage, so you can start editing immediately and accelerate project turnaround. You can even upload file-based media from your mobile device to your facility using the MediaCentral | Ingest drop utility.

Deliver to multiple platforms

Create content once and deliver to a variety of other platforms simultaneously, including social media, websites, and mobile apps. Simply add the MediaCentral | Publish app and the MediaCentral | Distribute service to your MediaCentral platform to automate workflows, unifying and simplifying content distribution to a diverse community of channels and devices—all in the right format for each.

Work on multicam projects with ease

Conveniently log and generate multicam sequences from anywhere using a laptop or mobile device. MediaCentral | Production Management makes it easy, enabling you to composite and display a multi- or single-angle video stream directly in your web or mobile interface’s player window. It’s ideal for accelerating reality television, TV studio entertainment, and other similar production workflows.

Save time and money

With support for software virtualization, you can reduce operational costs, as the hardware requirement to deploy and maintain MediaCentral is minimized. In addition, upgrading your MediaCentral | Production Management environment is easier than ever, enabling you to stage new releases of the software while the system is active, minimizing downtime. Plus, you can easily roll back to a previous release if needed.

Optimize your media value

MediaCentral | Production Management keeps track of all your media, eliminating duplication. It also offers smart media deletion, making regular removal of unneeded media a safe, quick, and simple task. And because it facilitates workflow-connected nearline and archive storage, you can capitalize on media reuse opportunities, lowering your average cost per used terabyte.

integrate and expand your system

Customize your own solution

MediaCentral | Production Management makes it easy to customize and scale your system as needed—from a basic 5-seat configuration to up to 330 connected users. Link with web content management systems, manage ingest processes, orchestrate web and mobile distribution, and create any media workflow you can imagine with a wide variety of MediaCentral modules, apps, services, panels, and connectors at your disposal.

See what’s available

Work with the hardware you have

MediaCentral | Production Management works with both Avid and third-party servers, enabling you to reduce operational cost by using the hardware you already have in your data center.

Gain resolution independence

MediaCentral | Production Management offers Avid Resolution Independence, enabling you to work with and manage UHD media as easily as traditional HD and SD content, including media created using third-party tools. This “future-proof” workflow utilizes the highest quality video codecs available today, including support for a wider range of UHD resolutions, color spaces, and HDR info in Avid DNxHR, plus additional HD resolutions in Sony XAVC-L, Panasonic AVC-LongG, and other formats.

Archive and retrieve media

Extend your media access capabilities to archive and restore workflows with the MediaCentral | Asset Management module, as well as with third-party partner systems, including SGL, Masstech, Oracle, and Spectra Logic. This provides effective long-term storage management, giving you even more options for leveraging your media. Plus, you can save time and disk space by retrieving just the important parts of larger master clips with its partial restore capabilities.

Get reliable integrated operation

With complete workflow testing across all platform-native MediaCentral components, as well as such platform-connected products as Media Composer, Avid NEXIS, and over 80 qualified partner integrations, MediaCentral | Production Management delivers the robust reliability and performance you can count on. As a fully integrated platform, it minimizes risk, reduces support problems raised by vendor finger-pointing, and decreases version compatibility issues.

Avid MediaCentral | Production Management


Avid MediaCentral | Production Management