Avid AirSpeed Multi MPEG2 HD Ingest and Playout

For broadcast and fast-turnaround media production environments, AirSpeed Multi Stream delivers workflow-connected HD and SD acquisition and playback with the ease, speed, and capability that makes Avid the reference standard for professional content production.

Note that this is the MPEG-2 HD model. (Not AVC-Intra or DNxHD)

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Avid AirSpeed Multi MPEG2 HD Ingest and Playout


  • Native end-to-end XDCAM HD-compatible workflow. Choose the AirSpeed MPEG-2 HD model for ingest and playout support of start-to-finish XDCAM-HD workflow in conjunction with Avid editors.  Sony hardware codecs provide full-spec XDCAM implementation and ensure optimal workflow with XDCAM HD/EX formats and devices.
  • Efficient HD operation. A 1.5RU form factor packs more channels in a small space, and the choice of MPEG-2 HD, with DVCPRO25/50 and IMX30/50 means you can select the capability you need while saving on cost, space, and power
  • Four MPEG-2 HD channels let you handle any combination of record and play.
  • Fits your needs; fits your facility. Fast, easy ingest-edit-playback workflow starts with AirSpeed Multi Stream and an Avid editor.
  • Interplay integration. Thorough integration with the industry-leading Interplay Production asset management system provides coordinated, managed workflow with centralized tracking of all assets for up to hundreds of users, and Interplay Archive and proxy workflows extend easy, quick media access to every contributor on your WAN.
  • Simultaneous proxy creation. Up to four high quality, bandwidth-efficient H.264/MPEG-4 proxies of XDCAM media can be simultaneously created, allowing swift local or remote access to online or archived media in conjunction with Interplay Production.
  • Ancillary data support. Seamless SMPTE 436-compliant ancillary data is supported and preserved from ingest, through edit, to playback.
  • Nimble playback. On HD-SD models, automatic up, down, and cross conversion of clips that don’t match the preferred format eliminates transcoding steps, and output channel HD/SD format switching removes the need to dedicate a channel’s output to one format
  • Headframe creation. Automatic creation of a reference frame for each clip captured, viewable in the user interface or anyone using the Interplay production management system.
  • FrameChase editing. AirSpeed connects directly to ISIS and enables MXF-supporting editing systems to simultaneously edit or play any live feed seconds after recording begins.
  • Interplay Capture and iNEWS Command integration. The Interplay Capture ingest control system provides reliable, comprehensive feed scheduling and recording, When it’s time to go to air, the iNEWS Command playback control application provides cost effective play to air under automated, assisted, or manual control, with available redundant configurations.
  • Comprehensive control. Integration with automation and control applications through industry standard VDCP and BVW protocols and an XML-based API for more powerful control by automation systems.
  • Matchless Multicam. The built-in IsoSync® feature allows one-button, frame-synchronized multi-camera capture into Avid ISIS shared storage for the fastest Multicam editing and turnaround.
  • Safe, straightforward remote operation. The Remote Console control application provides intuitive set-up, control, preview, and monitoring for all functions and channels of multiple AirSpeed servers, including ability to play clips, record, change In and Out points, and create sub clips. Administrators can grant selective user access control to help protect the integrity of on-air operations.
  • Playlisting. Ability to build playlists, insert/delete/reorder clips, automatic or manual advance, looping lists, clip status in server database, and the ability to save and load an existing playlist is included in the Remote Console application.
Avid AirSpeed Multi MPEG2 HD Ingest and Playout


AirSpeed Multi Stream MPEG-2 HD

HD : 1080i HDV 25Mbps; 720p and 1080i XDCAM EX 35Mbps, 1080i XDCAM HD 17.5, 35 and 50 Mbps, 720p XDCAM HD 50 Mbps,

  • 4 record or 4 play; 3 record and 1 play; 2 record and 2 play channels

SD : DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50, IMX30 and IMX50

  • 2 record, or 1 record + 2 play, or 4 play channels

Mixed HD/SD

  • 1 SD record + 3 XDCAM HD channels;
  • or 1 SD record + 1 SD play +2 XDCAM HD channels;
  • or any combination of 4 channels consisting of SD play + XDCAM HD
Avid AirSpeed Multi MPEG2 HD Ingest and Playout