Canon CJ14 – compact and lightweight, with exceptional performance

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The Canon CJ14ex4.3B is a 4K broadcast zoom lens with exceptional quality and operability. Perfect for studio and ENG applications, the CJ14 has a 14x zoom, with a built-in 2x extender, and a focal length of 4.3-60mm. It integrates beautifully with a UHD workflow, offering 4K performance from the centre of the screen to the very edges.

Canon’s exceptional optical design technology prevents reflection and reduces ghosting and flaring, allowing the operator to capture high-tonality images, while an optimised arrangement of fluorite and UD glass reduces chromatic aberration, providing great clarity. Other noteworthy features include:

Enhanced image correction. The lens features correction data based on BT.2020. This enables excellent colour reproduction to the corners of the screen when attached to a 4K camera.

High-performance digital drive. The lens can power on without initialisation, and image aberration correction, position detection and viewfinder position can all be displayed on the camera.

Excellent design and ergonomics. Weighing 1.65kg with a length of 206mm, the lens is compact and light enough to sit on the shoulder comfortably.

“The CJ14’s portability and high performance make it ideal for documentaries and news gathering”, comments Steve Snook, Gravity Media’s UK Engineering Manager, “and it can also handle live sports and arena concerts with ease, where viewers want an enriching, detail-heavy experience. It’s also robust enough for everyday use: the unit’s magnesium alloy body makes it not only lightweight, but also extremely durable.”

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