EVS IPDirector – fast and efficient content turnaround

Equipment Rental

IPDirector is EVS’s integrated suite of video production and management tools. Combined with EVS production servers – XT and XS series – it guarantees faster and more efficient workflow operations.

IPDirector is intended for producers and broadcasters looking to improve all aspects of their media production and processing operations. With its advanced modular architecture, IPDirector can be adapted to any type of production environment, from media acquisition to delivery.

The suite comprises different application modules, offering maximum control over media and associated metadata throughout the workflow. IPDirector’s open architecture also allows integration or media exchange with any third-party system, including post-production, NRCS and asset management.

James Gander, Director at Gravity Media, comments: “IPDirector is great because it allows you to start small and then scale to accommodate larger productions. Through a series of modules and client applications, IPDirector provides flexible and expandable production tools for every user, and is now a staple piece of rental equipment for any client running a live workflow solution.”

We currently have over 20 IPDirectors ready for immediate dispatch from our UK offices. Contact our Equipment Rental team for more info.