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Bellator MMA is an American mixed martial arts promotion and is one of the largest combat sports promotions in the world and the second largest in the United States. 

On Saturday 3 October, Bellator fighters James Gallagher and Callum Ellenor went head to head for the Bellator Milan event at Allianz Cloud. Gravity Media provided the commentary add-on for the Bellator’s European series and it was broadcast on Channel 5in the UK. 

While live events are made by the outstanding athletic performances and the atmosphere created by the spectators, they are often best remembered by the skillful, sometimes humorous, and occasionally even poetic, abilities of the professional commentator. 

At Gravity Media, we like to think we are playing a small part in keeping these legendary memories coming. To complement our equipment rental, outside broadcast, and systems integration offerings, we have developed a complete commentary infrastructure service for live sports events. 

It is a versatile commentary solution that gives rights-holders the ability to deliver fully bespoke broadcasts to their audiences either on-site at the stadium or from a remote location – while keeping down production costs. 

The service uses real-time audio-over-IP networking technology, giving us the ability to provide a fully flexible IP contribution network that cuts out the need to patch in each commentator manually via aging ISDN lines. In short, our fully customisable commentary service keeps everyone on the ball. 

Catch up on the Bellator’s European series action here and to see how Gravity Media can help you with your next production, email