BBC Studio & International Broadcast Centre Facility

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BBC Master Control and Production Centre

The project entailed two major facilities, namely the BBC Master control and production centre in the international broadcast centre (IBC) in Munich and secondly the BBC Studio in Berlin which the BBC used to anchor their coverage of the World Cup.

The IBC facility included EVS and Avid server systems, video tape archiving, non-linear and linear editing, production control room utilising the latest Kahuna 2ME HD vision mixer and also the master engineering areas for sound and vision. The studio in Berlin consisted of six HD Thomson cameras, production control room with Kahuna 4ME HD vision mixer, EVS servers, videotape playouts, non-linear editing and master engineering set up for audio and vision.

HBS Technical Operation Centres

Gravity Media (as Gearhouse Broadcast) delivered technical solutions for HBS where we designed, built and supplied twelve Technical Operation Centres (TOCs), one for each of the stadiums where the matches were played.
A project engineer was assigned to each TOC.

The project was challenging due to its scale and the complexity of the logistics at the twelve venues across Germany. The TOC was the centre of signal flow at each venue, and the interface between telecom unilateral, broadcasters, host broadcaster and the international broadcasting centre in Munich. The TOC’s were the master distribution and quality control centre at each venue ensuring that the high standards demanded by the broadcasters were met. Due to the varying technical demands for SD and HD the facility was capable of the distribution and monitoring of both formats.