OLED Technology Monitor, Sony’s next generation in colour monitor

Sony’s latest TRIMASTER EL OLED Monitors have taken post production houses to another level.  Where visual performance and accuracy is critical, the Trimaster EL OLED monitors allows you to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and picture quality.

Sony’s BVM series monitor optimises the latest Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology and is available in various screen sizes.   The combined key technologies of Sony’s ‘Super Top Emission’ has revolutionised the BVM series with it’s: –

1) Enhanced light efficiency by top emission structure
2) Advanced colour purity by colour filter and micro-cavity
3) Improved the contrast by colour filter and micro-cavity
4) Improved a higher reliability by complete solid structure

The OLED is the new way for colourists to put the final touches on productions.  It’s the new ‘must have’ tool for creating the desired effects that has never been achievable by post production houses. Find out about the rental options available from Gearhouse Broadcast.