OB trucks and mobile units

Our operations in Australia and the USA run extensive fleets of mobile units and outside broadcast trucks, all equipped with the most advanced HD and 4K technology available. The UK and Qatar also have a brand-new specialist truck each, serving the European and Middle East markets respectively. Every Gravity Media office provides highly skilled crewing, comprising some of the most experienced supervisors and engineers from around the world. Our people support productions large and small from start to finish, with dedicated teams focused on all aspects of logistics, rigging and derigging.

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Situated in key West Coast and East Coast locations, we have a mobile unit for every occasion, from Sprinter-based mini mobile units to a custom-built articulated supertruck. They offer the very latest in technology and are always deployment-ready. Our HD mobile units cover a wide range of applications, including sport, entertainment and news, and our range-topping vehicle ‘Columbus’ is a 60ft, state-of-the-art unit designed and built specifically for the US live market. Columbus is IP-ready and equipped with 24 x 4K monitors in the main control room.

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Our Australia-based outside broadcast trucks work on major sporting events, concerts, current affairs programmes, entertainment shows, studio productions and reality TV shows. Each truck has been designed with Australian broadcasting requirements in mind, setting new standards for ergonomics, comfort and processing power.

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Our UK-based OB vehicle, Pictor, is an 18ft rigid unit designed with innovative production teams in mind. With capacity for 16 HD camera channels and two RFs, this multi-functional vehicle is specially designed for productions requiring high-powered broadcast facilities. The three-tiered production area can accommodate a crew of eight in air conditioned comfort, and offers the latest AV equipment from Grass Valley, Calrec and EVS.

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Our Qatar-based OB vehicle has been built to satisfy the growing demand for live sport, conference and cultural event coverage across the region. Compact and agile, Suhail has been designed with DSNG capabilities, and can take up to six fixed cameras and two RFs, as well as seating a crew of seven in comfort. This brand-new truck is the perfect high-definition mobile unit for a wide variety of broadcast needs.

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