Gravity Media’s Globecam specialty cameras unit is renowned for creating a range of ground-breaking devices that have entertained viewers all over the world with footage captured from exciting new angles and perspectives. For example, two of our world-first innovations are our NetCam tennis solution, which has been used at all four Grand Slams since its launch in 2018, and our Live JockeyCam, which has been beaming horse racing images around Australia since 2019. 

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Another popular specialty package pioneered by Gravity Media is our motorsport onboard solution. In one of the most exciting partnerships between a race series and a media production partner, we’ve been working with Supercars Australia for the past eight years, developing a bespoke camera platform to showcase the in-cars action. With up to four cameras in each vehicle, the package has comprised fixed cameras for the driver, pan/tilt heads for in-cabin shots, panning heads for roofs and rear-facing footage. Innovations in 2021 have included cameras on the side of the driver door, facing forward and back; and a camera in the badge on the front grille. And with reliability paramount for Australia’s flagship motor racing format, we regularly refresh the underlying technology to supply the very best clarity of image from the challenging supercar environment.

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Our development roadmap for specialty cameras will take them beyond anything currently offered globally, putting our clients ahead of the pack when it comes to capturing even more exciting sound and vision for their viewers. The continued miniaturisation of broadcast technology heralds an exciting era in both sport and non-sport production, and if the specialist solution for your project doesn’t exist yet, we will pioneer it. Whether wearable, moveable or mountable, we find a way. The Gravity Media team designs, builds, 3D prints and manufactures the technology, to create distinct, market-leading solutions that give our clients the edge. From HelmetCams in cricket to RefCams in rugby – where we go next is up to you.