Billie Jean King Cup

UK, Europe


What we did

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) selected Gravity Media as their host broadcast partner for the inaugural Billie Jean King Cup (BJKC) finals in Prague, last year. Previously known as the Fed Cup, we delivered an innovative full-turnkey solution that combined the best of our production and technical expertise.

What we used

This event deployed 21 cameras across both courts, including Hitachi 1200 and 1500 cameras, Ikegami NACs, ultra-motion HD cameras, hawk-eye, PTZFs and Gravity’s innovative net cams. We deployed a state-of-the-art digital flyaway rig consisting of audio and video routing, distribution, communication, CCU and monitor gallery rigs. Programme feeds for courts A and B were produced on Sony MVS 7000 and 6530 vision mixer technology.


We produced the world feed for over 50 broadcasters in over 170 territories. As a turnkey solution, Gravity also provided off tube commentary, news highlights and two 52” highlights shows. ​ The ITF selected us as their production partner because of our devotion to women’s tennis and even more so, our social and ethical commitments towards gender equality across the industry.

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