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BBC Sport – the sports production arm of the UK’s national public-service broadcaster, and domestic rights-holder of The FA Cup. 


Since 2014, Gravity Media – then branded Input Media – has looked after the production and delivery of a significant part the BBC’s television and interactive coverage of The FA Cup. In short, we handle the planning, capture, editing and delivery to the BBC in Salford of all FA Cup match highlights for use across all BBC platforms. 


We work to tight deadlines, so good planning is essential to this project. Key elements include initial recces of each and every ground staging an FA Cup tie, booking single-camera coverage of games not covered by full OBs, and arranging feeds or FTP delivery of match content back to our Production Centre within minutes of the final whistle, so that games can be edited and fed to Salford via bespoke clips channels.


All match edits – including goals, key moments and colour shots – have been successfully delivered to the BBC for inclusion in Match of the Day or uploaded to BBC social and digital platforms.