Wisycom MTK952 Dual Channel IEM Transmitter

The Wisycom MTK952 Dual Channel IEM Transmitter Mono or Stereo is a versatile dual channel transmitter capable of working in a huge UHF bandwidth and of generating any kind of narrow-band modulations, with very high quality and low spurious emissions.



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Wisycom MTK952 Dual Channel IEM Transmitter


330 MHz Bandwidth Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) of signal for the highest flexibility and quality Stereo, mono, intercom audio modulation DSP audio processing (40bit floating point / 2Gflops) with multi-companding Low interference output stage with wideband intermodulation phase cancellation 2400 user-defined frequencies (40 group by 60 freq.) Analogue & digital input (AES3) Output power up to 2 Watt (/2W0 option) Redundant power supply 230/110 Vac & 12 VDC (DC option) SWR (Stationary Wave Ratio) sensing on antenna outputs master/slave board for iso-frequency transmissions (MS option)


Wisycom MTK952 Dual Channel IEM Transmitter


Switchable channels 2400 allocated by 40 groups of 60 channels quickly selectable with dedicated buttons 2 Frequency bandwidth 470-800 MHz R Switching bandwidth 330 MHz tuneable in 5 kHz steps Temperature range -10 ÷ +55 °C RF output power Selectable: 10,20,50,100,200 mW (ERP) for MTK952-0W2 Max RF output power MTK952N-0W2: 200mW MTK952N-2W0: 2Watt [NOTE] RF power can be limited on frequency base accordingly to specific country restrictions (software based) “TX1” / “TX2” antenna output with BNC type female connectors (for MTK952) with N type female connectors (for MTK952N) M M-S I/O 2xBNC type female connectors (only for MTK952N with MS option) RF impedance 50 Ω Spurious emissions < 2 nW (in the transmitter bandwidth) Modulation FM, MPX Stereo or mono, selectable with dedicated menu Peak deviation ±56 kHz for mono, ±48 kHz for stereo (preset mode) NOTE: custom setting can set peak deviation from 2kHz to 100kHz MPX Pilot tone 19kHz Tone squelch 32.789Hz (for Wisycom wireless microphone, i.e. ENR/ENC) 131,8 (for Wisycom intercom, i.e. NR) NOTE: custom setting can change the Tone squelch (30-260Hz and 18-38KHz) Frequency response 20÷20kHz (mono) 30÷15kHz (stereo) NOTE: custom setting can change audio bandwidth (3/4/12/15/20kHz)

Analogue audio input Monitor output Connector type XLR-3 / 1/4“ (6,3mm) jack combo socket, electronically balanced Connector type 6.35mm (1/4”) jack socket, balanced Max. input level +18dBu output level 120+120mW@24Ω , 80+80mW@150Ω Pin Assignments XLR: 1=ground 2=hot 3 =cold 6.35mm (1/4”) TRS: Tip=hot Ring=cold Sleeve=ground out impedance 25Ω for auricle Digital audio input AES3 on XLR-3M (32kHz ÷108 kHz) Compander ENR (Wisycom Extended-NR), with independent Attack- and Recovery-time, noise optimized ENC (Wisycom Extended-NC), with independent Attack- and Recovery-time, voice optimized & with reduced pre-emphasys NONE-d50, no compander, pre-emphasis 50 µs NR, to work with Wisycom Intercom system Other compander on request Display 64 x 256 OLED (yellow) Configuration/monitor interfaces 10/100 Base TX Ethernet port on RJ45 connector Power supply 90 – 264 V AC, 50/60 Hz option DC: 10÷19 VDC (NOTE: increased to 10÷28 Vdc since May 2015), Max 7A Dimensions 19”/1U 483 x 407 x 43,8 mm (WxDxH) with brackets Weight 3.8Kg (version 200mW with DC and MS options); 4Kg (version 2Watt with DC and MS options)

Wisycom MTK952 Dual Channel IEM Transmitter