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Canon XJ27x6.5B HDTV Studio Lens

Brand: Canon

Product code: XJ27x6.5B

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Recently there has been a great demand for broadcast HDTV studio production.In the field of the HDTV studio production, Canon’s DIGISUPER 25xs is the most popular HDTV studio lens in the world and it is known for its outstanding optical performance and ease of operation.

Now, Canon is introducing unique technology with the launch of our most advanced HDTV studio lens, the DIGISUPER 27. In addition to the lens’ completely new design, the DIGISUPER 27 is also equipped with a digital interface, enabling the lens to be compatible with virtual studio systems. Moreover, newly developed optional functions and accessories that allow for more effective studio production, are available.

The unique options available on the DIGISUPER 27 are a “Remote Macro System” and an industry first “Wide Attachment (0.9x)”

  • High Definition Optical Performance.
  • X-Element & Power Optical System.
  • Improved Specifications.
  • CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System)
  • Optional Remote Macro system (10mm from lens vertex)
  • Optional Wide Attachment (focal length 5.85mm at wide end)
  • Compatible with the Virtual Studio System.